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Unwrapping the secrets to save your damaged iPhone 

We are living in a 21st century where no individual can imagine their life without their phone even for a second. But the question arises what to do, if your precious phone gets water damage?

Although maximum cell phones presently do have some extent of waterproofing, water can nonetheless do some actual harm to your phone. And after drying your iPhone, you may glimpse that some elements aren’t functioning properly. So can it be recouped? Or do you have to expend hundreds of bucks on a new iPhone?

The great news is yes, damp iPhone repair is possible. And yes, iPhone Repair in Singapore can overhaul any water destruction that happened to your iPhone. But first, try these techniques to avoid any additional harm to your iPhone. Moreover, for other repairs like glass, you will be glad to know that we offer cheap iPhone glass repair services as well. 

Wet Cell Phone Repair: Can it Be Fixed?

So, how to fix a water damaged iPhone?

Relying on the breadth of destruction that was done to the iPhone, it is apparent that you may be able to remedy the problem at home. Here’s what you should attempt, and what you shouldn’t.

What To Do

Your answer to how to fix a water damaged iPhone begins with simple techniques like- 

What Not To Do


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