Why Apply for Permanent Residency, and How to Become One

When you travel to another country, you might already have an idea of how long you’ll be staying there. Millions of people around the world travel each year to settle in different countries, including Singapore. But why is that? Why would someone choose to apply for PR status in Singapore or live in the country indefinitely?

Countless people leave the safety of their home country to forge a new path in a different one. But it’s not for the weak-willed. You have to expose yourself to a new culture, society, language, and environment. You need to find new ways to adapt to your new surroundings and even have to relearn basic steps that everyone else is already accustomed to. You’ll have to leave behind a lot of people and things that you might miss dearly. When you move to a new country, there’s a high chance that you don’t know anyone living there. Being cut off from your contacts means you need to try to build a social network all over again.

Why should anyone think to move, then? It’s no wonder that many people find the prospect a little daunting, and at times, scary. Some have to make heavy sacrifices to migrate to another country. Others might feel out of place in their new home. But with great risks and surprises can come great rewards. People move to new countries for a variety of reasons, mainly to chase once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Why do people want to become citizens?

In Singapore, foreign nationals can assimilate into culture via the citizenship process. Finishing the citizenship application entails you many benefits, such as a Singapore passport (which includes visa-free travel to many countries) and other benefits that only Singaporeans can enjoy. Here are just a few reasons why people would choose to submit an application for PR in Singapore and start the citizenship process.

1) You enjoy your standards of living in the country. As Singapore is one of the wealthiest urbanised countries in the world, you can enjoy high standards of living that many other nations cannot provide. Many people who emigrate cite better living conditions as one of the key factors for their decision.

2) You’re looking for better educational and job opportunities. People dream of going to world-class universities and studying top courses there. Educational opportunities can lead to better job offers, usually within Singapore. If you’re planning to work in the country indefinitely, you might want to look into submitting a PR application in Singapore.

3) You have family (or even friends) in the country. Lastly, you might want to move to Singapore for more personal reasons. Maybe your spouse is a Singapore citizen, or you have family that you want to join. If you have a social circle or an established life in the country, you might change your mind about whether or not you want to settle here.

What to do during the PR process

Alright, so you’ve been living in Singapore for years and have just grappled with the possibility of wanting to settle down here. You might want to look into becoming a citizen of Singapore. But before you can become one, you need to go through the process first. The majority of foreign nationals will have to attain a permanent resident status (or PR status) that allows them to live and work in the country freely. Once their PR application is approved, they can then work towards citizenship, which grants them the same rights as those who are born citizens.

Are you planning to become a citizen? To become a permanent resident, you must submit an application for PR in Singapore. If you’re not responsible, you might end up with a rejected application. Here are a few tips for foreign nationals.

1) Paint yourself as an ideal candidate for citizenship. The Singapore government is looking for talented individuals who can contribute to society. When making your application, remember to stress your talents and contributions to Singapore. Enumerate the ways you have influenced (or plan to influence) the country with your presence.

2) Check if you are eligible to apply for PR status. Before you think about applying for PR status, have you ticked off all the Singapore PR eligibility requirements? You have several options, depending on which one fits you best. For example, if you are young, you might be able to apply for PR status if you study in Singapore. You can also apply for PR if you are a foreign investor. You can find the official criteria for eligibility on their website.

3) Allot enough time to complete the PR application. Sometimes, obtaining a PR status is a matter of great urgency. You might be chasing after housing deadlines and fees that hinge on your PR status. However, if you choose to rush your application you might run the risk of making mistakes on your application. What if you forget some crucial documents in your haste? You should plan out your schedule when you decide you want to become a PR. It usually takes weeks and even months to get approved. If you get rejected, you might be looking at years until you get approvedIt’s better to be prepared!

4) Get a consultant from an immigration firm. Hiring a PR application agency in Singapore can significantly boost your chances of success. They not only can give you sound advice for your application, but they can also help arrange your documents for you. It can make the difference between an approval or rejection.

With Singapore Immigration Partners, you can find an experienced professional to give you the best possible chances to become a permanent resident. Reach out to a trustworthy PR application agency in Singapore to know more about settling and migrating to the country.

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