Why use finned tubes?

Finned tubes are a type of heat exchanger – used to transfer heat energy from steam or liquid into the air, or vice versa. They are used abundantly across industries worldwide for applications, such as air conditioning, heating and cooling, dehumidification and heat recovery.

What makes finned tubes so special?

Finned tubes are renowned for their heat transfer efficiency which depends on three key factors:

  1. the temperature difference between fluids
  2. the heat transfer coefficient between fluids and tube wall
  3. the surface area that the fluid is exposed to

The concept of a finned tube is to increase the outside surface area of the tube. By increasing this outer surface, the overall heat transfer rate is increased which in turn, reduces the need for as many tubes – keeping costs to a minimum. In most cases, a finned tube can replace six or more unfinned tubes for a third of the price!

Another reason why the finned tube has proven popular industrially is that it reduces the cost of waste heat recovery, as well as the need for maintenance and repairs.

Like most heat exchanger tubes, finned tubes are supplied in a choice of materials – copper, steel and aluminium. Some tube suppliers even supply finned tubes with a special coating to protect them when used in corrosive environments.

Order finned tubes today!

It’s no surprise that finned tubes are the first choice of many industries when they can be used for countless applications – and help you to save money! Reputable tube suppliers, like USEL Tubular Division, provide an assortment of products – giving you a wide variety to choose from. They stock everything from stock heat exchanger tubes to U-tubes and welded tubes, as well as:

If you’re looking to order finned tubes, you’re in capable hands with the team at USEL Tubular Division. They will happily assist you in making the right choice and provide a fair quotation for the products you need. Even better, they can custom-cut tubes to suit your application and pride themselves on rapid turnaround times.

For more information about USEL Tubular Division’s finned tubes, email tubesales@usel.uk.com or call 0191 587 177, Monday to Friday from 8.30am till 6.00pm. For emergency requirements, call 07590 996 953.

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