Why Visitor Management Systems Matters For Modern-Day Businesses?

Businesses today need to be on guard all the time against criminal activities and simultaneously open their doors to clients and visitors. Investing in a security system in Singapore is not just of paramount importance for residential zones. But also for commercial districts, especially when it comes to guests.

This circumstance is where the visitor management system (VMS) comes in.

Understanding Visitor Management System

Having a log book nowadays is not sufficient. A visitor management system is a security solution type that enables organisations to automate and facilitates anyone that enters the premises via technology. Such a security system solution implements streamlining of the management process and enhances safety control and overall security.

VMS allows you to track and monitor who goes in and out of your business premise to simplify the definition. It gives you the knowledge and tools that will help you determine who has authorised visitors and unauthorised entry or illegitimate visitors. Acquiring access control and a CCTV system in Singapore are the usual startup components for setting up a VMS operating network throughout your premises.

The system empowers management and employers access to great information and visibility for safeguarding their organisation against criminal risks.

Why VMS? – 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Visitor Management System


The technology for visitor management systems is constantly evolving. Newer innovations for the high-end security system are paving their way in the market. It leaves a trailblaze for next-generation security solutions and other current systems to follow. But the question is, should you invest in VMS? Is having an access control or CCTV system worth your visitor management solution?

Here are reasons why your business needs a visitor management solution:

Creates a better impression

How your organisation can welcome its visitors can make or break the first impression. Apart from the security benefits of the organisation for securing their premise, VMS provides a positive first impression from clients to visitors. A visitor management system allows for a hassle-free check-in procedure for authorised visits. It automates their visit check and provides notification to the managing host.

You can make a positive and professional impression, establishing a positive visitor experience. No genuine clients would veer into a company that fails to secure and protect its employees and assets.

24/7 security coverage

A CCTV system and access control to amplify your VMS provide around-the-clock security coverage day and night. Your visitors can keep away from any unauthorised area and provide you with the access info to track outside visits whether there is any attempt to restrict areas.

You can detect any signs of espionage and invasions as well. Your CCTV system and VMS device would provide real-time monitoring and tracking solutions. It enables you to take an immediate action before anything could occur with two measures altogether.

Seamless data recording

Investing in an IP camera in Singapore and VMS captures data visits in real-time. Your VMS solution enables you to acquire valuable detail from the guest. From the first step to the reception desk to the elevator and the floor lobby. The information includes the date of visit, their identity and reason.

Provides an easy solution for admin control

VMS integrated into your premise’s infrastructure takes away the busy work of providing info and monitoring guests. The system does top-notch streamlining solutions for signing up and tracking guests throughout the premise. There are no more rush jobs in the lobby and bottlenecking your reception.

Capturing the data process is automated so admins can focus on the most crucial aspect, thanks to VMS and the CCTV system. A simple look at the visitor log and device can tell you accurate data from each visit. One can store and access data anytime for reviews.

Improves overall site security

There’s no reason to leave your premises at night without a security system. The same idea goes along with it during daytime working hours. Visitors like applicants, clients, and couriers are among the many groups that go in and out of your premise. In some situations, criminal perpetrators can mask themselves as any of these visitors to get inside.

Investing in visitor security management demonstrates that your organisation takes security seriously. It helps your organisation overcome potential security loopholes that can put the safety of everyone within at risk.

How VMS Can Aid In Reducing The Cost For Site Security


Security systems don’t come without a cost. Many business owners can consider security a form of investment integral to your organisation’s operation.

Most starters would perform manual approaches when establishing on-site security. However, we do know that it can be resource-demanding. Setting up a manual security system throughout the site can be time and labour intensive, not to mention that it involves “manpower” to operate.

Nonetheless, it’s almost unavoidable that there will be a circumstance where organisations will find themselves receiving a number of visits throughout the day. Staffing entrances become a common concern, especially if you lack a security system.

A visitor management solution allows admins to shift their focus while providing efficient managing solutions against visitor flow. The check-in process does not require staff to operate. Its automation system provides you with a ‘smart’ way to save resources without compromising quality security provision. It cuts down the cost you’ll need for running manual security while gaining control and managing visitor flow within the premise.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a security system, such as CCTV cameras, is ideal. But a VMS grants a ‘packaged’ answer for ensuring that the overall access control throughout the site is high alert. It ensures that you have visibility and control over those who enter and leave the premises 24/7 without letting your site’s guard down without consuming many resources.

If you are looking for a CCTV or time attendance system in Singapore, visit Valsys Technologies for high-end commercial security solutions.

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