Why You Should Read Kalpana Pathaks’ Stories In The Economic Times

The Economic Times is a prominent voice among news outlets and provides thorough, in-depth, and objective news coverage.

When finding important updates, individuals frequently use the Economic Times newspaper, its website, and its mobile app. Additionally, its digital channels offer the ET Play podcasts, which are incredibly well-liked because of their thorough analysis of the most important daily news stories.

The Economic Times boasts a diverse and interesting pool of writers and editors because of its enormous size and power.

Among them, financial journalist Kalpana Pathak is noticed for her non-conventional approach to writing about financial and business markets globally.

Who Is Kalpana Pathak Of The Economic Times?

Kalpana has been a part of the media industry for over a decade and enjoys storytelling across platforms. She has written over 6000 vastly tracked stories and features. Her stories are referenced for analysis and research and have caused stock market movements. 


 Currently, she is tracking developments at India’s largest private sector company Reliance Industries Ltd, along with writing on oil & gas, the power sector and renewable energy. 


 She has authored ‘Breaking the Mould: Alternative Schools in India’, published by Westland Books. This book comes to the rescue of many parents looking for a more humane and meaningful educational experience for their children.

Comprehensive Coverage With An Eye For Detail Is The Essence Of Her Reporting.

She started her career as a part-time compere with national radio, All India Radio, doing live shows. She then began her career in Journalism with the TIMES OF INDIA, where she worked as an intern for six months. Later, as a Trainee, she began to report on every imaginable subject, including general news, business, sports, features, and crime.

She then spent the following ten years as an Assistant Editor for Business Standard, where she was in charge of developing, producing, and reporting on the higher education industry. Her duties included news reporting and putting together the Business Standard’s weekly special page on Business Education with the aid of other team members in various cities as part of covering higher education.

She was able to represent Business Standard in national and worldwide public forums for higher education, thanks to her reporting on the field of education.

Policymakers have been influenced by her experiences, which have caused them to reconsider and reassess their educational programmes.

In addition to penning corporate tales, she has experimented with feature writing in various fields, such as hospitality, start-ups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, human resource, and private equity, in addition to writing corporate stories.

Finally, she spent six years as a national writer for Live Mint before joining The Economic Times as a financial journalist.

Kalpana Pathak For The Economic Times:

Kalpana makes appearances on highly regarded ET Play podcast episodes, and listening to The Morning Brief Podcast by her is an excellent method to stay current on the most recent developments.

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