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Tasmanians have had a gutful of the Greensparty #politas #auspol

Increasingly, the Greensparty is seen as being callously opposed to jobs, in Tasmania, huge rallies are being held to express concerns about their policies ruining the state.

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THE AGE HACKING SCANDAL: Journalist-hackers from The Age set to confess their alleged crimes in plea-bargain

When The Age hackers were first accused of hacking offences, they denied it. Then they claimed it was in the 'public interest' and would be fighting it all the way when they were charged by prosecutors. Now, as their day of justice draws closer, the hackers now seem ready to confess their alleged crimes in a desperate bid to avoid jail.

THE HATE BOAT: Greensparty wanted to go “solidarity” sailing with Nazi holocaust denier

The Greensparty's horrifying close political ties with Australia's leading Holocaust-denier and Nazi, Fredrick Töben have been revealed.

Iran’s New President is Lipstick on a Pig

Don’t be sucked in by reports a “moderate” is now in charge in Iran..

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Backlash against “rigged” local government referendum grows #auspol

Tim Wilson from the IPA speaks for many worried about the integrity of the local government constitutional referendum, where the Yes case will receive $10M+ of taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ funds while the No case will only get $500K.

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Social media is making once all-powerful Chinese politicians very scared

In China, so many officials are falling to scandals revealed by social media that shaking them down pre-scandal is becoming an industry..

Pics of them getting up to no good with mistresses are so popular that sometimes Photoshop is …

For the election savants among you: Detailed analysis of likely Senate result from Tasmania #auspol #politas

For the election savants among you: Detailed analysis of likely Senate result from Tasmania by the extremely thorough Dr Kevin Bonham.

Which occupations vote Greensparty? The answer – mostly – won’t surprise you #auspol

The list of occupations most likely to vote for the Greensparty is truly a celebration of inner-city wankerdom, starring social professionals, environmental scientists, visual artists and craftists, graphic designers, social workers, lawyers and even judges(!), intelligence agents(!), welfare workers, psychologists

When Howard was PM, Greensparty and ALP haters endorsed CD saying “Gun Him Down” and he’s a “Filthy Slut” #auspol

Andrew Bolt, a much more polite, decent and intelligent man than given credit for by some who don’t like his political views, was one of the first and most emphatic to condemn Fairfax Radio Howard Sattler’s crude attack on the

Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers

Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers. New research says reading literary fiction helps people embrace ambiguous ideas and avoid snap judgments…


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