Personalizing Your Kitchen with Quartz Calacatta Gold Countertops

 Personalizing Your Kitchen with Quartz Calacatta Gold Countertops

Quartz happens to be one of the most sought-after materials, especially when it comes to designing the kitchen. Given some of its remarkable features such as longevity, price and aesthetics, quartz countertops have been in the limelight for quite sometime now. One of the major reasons why homeowners, or even designers and architects prefer quartz is its durability. Quartz as a raw material, is considered one of the most durable materials of all time. 

Let us check out what exactly is Calacatta Gold in quartz and how incorporating quartz Calacatta gold in your kitchen can incredibly enhance the space.

What is Calacatta Quartz?

A brief understanding of Calacatta Quartz is that it is a form of an engineered stone which is made up of crushed quartz, resin and pigments. Calacatta Quartz is designed to look similar to natural Calacatta Marble, the peculiarity of which is the white background and grey veining.

As mentioned above, the durable and aesthetic nature of the material makes it ideal for being used in the kitchen.

How incorporation of Calacatta Gold Quartz in the kitchen may help:

  • Spillage

Spilling is quite common in almost every household. Indeed, it is something that cannot be avoided. Due to the persistence of such problems in households, designers and architects often consider Quartz as it is non-porous and hence does not require sealing.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Cost is a significant aspect when it comes to refurbishing a space, especially the kitchen. Given that it is a high traffic area, a lot of money goes into remaking of the kitchen. Not only is quartz durable but is available in a multitude of designs, patterns and even colours. The astonishing part, however, is that it is extremely cost-effective. Calacatta Gold Quartz countertops, therefore ensure affordability.

  • Maintenance

Once a significant amount has gone into renovation, people seldom opt for high maintenance materials and this is why Calacatta Quartz is yet again an ideal choice. Not only is it non-porous and impervious to stains, but extremely easy to maintain as well. Apart from the above, one need not compromise with the looks, as Quartz countertops come in remarkably vibrant and distinct colors and pattens.

In this regard, Granite au Sommet silestone calacatta gold offers a winning combination of durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops. It ensures both practicality and style, enhancing the functionality and beauty of any kitchen space.

Danny White