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Christian Kerr’s mutiny

Crikey and Crikey defector Christian Kerr seem to be in a Russia-Georgian style conflict at the moment if recent hostilities are any guide:  Did anyone else spot today’s howler by Christian Kerr in The Oz? Writing about Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s special message in the 60th anniversary edition of Woman’s Day, Kerr said the souvenir issue also featured celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pictured at the side of a pool in Beverly Hills. “We haven’t seen a prime minister dishabille since Gough at Terrigal,” wrote Kerr. Kerr may have seen Gough dishabille at Terrigal, the rest of Australia saw Bob. That’s Bob on the left of the picture by the way. Maybe “Gough’s” on the right?

Not sure it ranks as a howler. A small error perhaps. Certainly less embarrassing than this effort.



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