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TAXING TED: Baillieu supports Gillard’s carbon agenda

Victorian Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu supports federal Labor's plan to reduce carbon emissions even though the federal Liberals are now strongly opposed. State Liberals worry this could end in an ugly spat between Tony Abbott and the new Victorian Premier.

FRUITY CONTRABAND: Former MP couldn’t give two figs to convicted sex offender Milton Orkopoulos

The NSW ALP's most embarrassing fiasco involving a then minister's conviction for child sex offences relating to a gay prostitute scandal continues to keep the rumour mill grinding with talk from Sydney that a former parliamentary colleague has been banned from visiting the former MP over a "contraband smuggling" saga.

WHICH WITCH: The sad truth behind the fake name of Greens Senator-Elect Lee “Rhiannon”

Troubled NSW Greens anti-Israel extremist Senator-Elect Lee "Rhiannon" bears a fake name, in honour of a Welsh mythological "witch warrior." Appropriate or scary? We report, you decide.

OINK: Greens hate Israel so much they oppose young Israeli troops being protected from bullets

A Greens party Senator Scott Ludlam has been caught on tape demanding that Australia not supply Israel with body armour that protects the young lives of the men and women serving in their defence force from the bullets and bombs aimed at them by those who wish to terrorise, invade and obliterate the Jewish state.

CACTUS: Saturday night take-out is Oakeshott and Windsor are finished

The NSW electorate has done exactly what they were always going to do. Labor got thumped. The Greens' big talk about winning lower house seats amounted to not much at all. Barry O'Farrell's Liberals triumphed and his Coalition partners in the Nats got huge swings and are definitely happiest of all about snatching back territories formerly owned by Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor. Come the next federal election, the Nats plan to repeat the dose and finish the country members once and for all.

HIT THE ROAD JACQUES: Power-mad psycho causing rift in anti-carbon-tax movement

Jacques Laxalle is being blamed by mainstream conservatives for being both incompetent in his handling of the No Carbon Tax rally in Canberra and absurdly power-hungry by demanding he make every decision about how the anti-tax movement works. Liberals involved in the movement want him gone because he's playing right into Julia Gillard's hands.

2008 REDUX: Christian Lyons praises and pays out on the year’s heroes and zeroes

Christian Lyons shares his assessment of the year's heroes and zeroes.

HOW HOWARD ROLLED: He spoke plainly, connected with people and led // Rudd should take heed

The Howard Years hold great lessons for the current incumbent, writes VEXNEWS Canberra correspondent Christian Lyons.

KIDS TABLE: Greens party eyes might be bigger than their belly

Some in the press think the Greens Party have really arrived in Canberra. Christian Lyons disagrees, saying the times really don't suit them.

MATCH-UPS: Club Fed dream teams for the 2010 Grand Final

VEXNEWS Canberra correspondent has whipped out the measuring tape to analyse who is likely to prevail in Club Fed's individual match-ups. May the best team win.


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