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BULLY TO YOU: Sasha Burden’s anono-sledging was workplace bullying say legal experts

Infamous Herald Sun Melbourne University intern Sasha Burden's behaviour in publicly humiliating, denigrating and spreading lies about work colleagues consitutes a clear-cut case of workplace bullying that would lead to any employee being warned, counselled or terminated.

WEASELS POP TOO SOON: Greens party lose despite perfect storm for Labor, 4% Stephen Mayne shamed once more

Does it get any better than the Greens party gloating about a victory they didn't have, Stephen Mayne again getting around 4% of the vote despite getting at least 25% of the media attention and Labor learning its lessons hard, if you lie down with Greens dogs, you get up with very itchy fleas. It's a beautiful day for freedom.

GREENS SCRAP DEATH TAX: Former leader Bob Brown blames VEXNEWS for the need to dump “estate tax” policy

The Greens party just had a secret conference and axed the vast majority of its party platform to avoid scrutiny and criticism. One of their proposals, for a death tax, was removed quietly, prompting concern from leftist elements within the ultra-leftist party. They report former leader Bob Brown blaming VEXNEWS coverage as a reason they needed to dump the unpopular policy.

GREENS GRUB FOR LOOT: Extremist Greens political party hits up donors, saying “We are under attack”

The Greens party seems a bit surprised that stubbornly supporting a policy that has hundreds of desperate refugees drowning at sea might annoy some of their Labor mates. But they're not so shocked that haven't tried to turn the criticism into a grubby fund-raising opportunity. If they slithered any lower, they'd be subterranean.

WHAT’S THAT SMELL? Stephen Mayne sh*t-sheets himself, pooh-pooh locals

"Attacks" complained about by US devil-worshippers bearing a "Vote Satan" sign on their property and simultaneously by a serial political candidate with no apparent fear of public rejection have been criticised as cunning stunts possibly motivated by attention-seeking. Some even speculate whether the timing confirms Stephen Mayne's long-suspected involvement in a global movement of Satanists.

THE WAY WE WERE: Christian Kerr calls us names, we explain

The Australian reports today on claims in a "notoriously vindictive and vituperative political gossip website." Of course, that's the dinosaur media's code for VEXNEWS. We look at the writer Christian Kerr's reasons for holding that view and even offer him the highest praise of all.

EDITORS AT WAR: Daily Tele’s Whittaker and Sunday Tele’s Breen squabble over who gets what in merger mania

News Limited Sundays - we can reveal - will be merged with their daily counterparts in what will be a huge internal change within the company. Change breeds turf-wars and none more spectacular than that between the Daily Telegraph's Paul Whittaker and the Sunday's star of small screen Neil Breen.

TEXTOR GETS INKY ON VEXNEWS: We explore a Liberal strategist’s angst over the rise of Generation Vex

VEXNEWS makes political "strategists" like Bruce Hawker and Mark Textor very nervous. Good.

SWAN DIVE: The World’s Greatest Treasurer indulges in some Chavez cha-cha-cha

Treasurer Wayne Swan is a world-beater, literally. But his crude attempts to channel Hugo Chavez by attacking the rich for a popular thrill-kill sends the wrong message.

SPECTACULAR SPECULATIONS: Party members cry out for Paul Keating to fill Arbib vacancy

When asked by VEXNEWS, party members in New South Wales failed to deny that former PM Paul Keating had been approached to fill the shock Senate vacancy left by Senator Mark Arbib. Many seemed delighted at the prospect, however unlikely it may be.


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