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BIT RICH: Fairfax vendetta against Eddie Obeid enters fourth decade

photoA bloke’s son owns a farm. An explorer hopes to prove up a coal resource in an area near the property. There may or may not be coal there. If there is coal there, the prospective miner will want to buy the land and could be expected to pay quite a bit more than it was worth as a farm. Many farmers could enjoy the bonanza. Some miners in the region are paying double.

The farm is worth a few million so it’s not inconceivable it’s worth six or more now.

So what? I hear you ask.

The owner’s father is Eddie Obeid, a Labor Right state MP and former minister.

He’s a very frequent Fairfax target in the Sydney Morning Herald and Fin Review, alongside patriots Graham Richardson and state minister Joe Tripodi.

Perhaps as a result of that, because no other explanation makes sense, that story appeared on the front page of the Fin Review today.

There’s an implied assertion of conspiracy theory and insider knowledge, one not made out by anything in the article.

While such an odd front-page article might make sense in Green Left Weekly, it makes very little sense in a daily financial newspaper.


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  1. Why do we worry about the boat people? Of those taken to Christmas Island, 90% are later granted visas and let into Australia.

    So lets say 2,000 boat people turn up each year, 1,800 will be let into Australia legally by the government, 200 will be sent home.

    How many billions are we spending on border security to keep 200 people out of the country?

    Its a farce.

    Posted by Anonymous | October 28, 2009, 20:22
  2. Andrew, you may be backing the wrong horse here. He was resources minister for 4 years, just prior to the purchase of the land. He would have had a few clues about where the coal was.

    Posted by Defending the indefensible | October 29, 2009, 10:41
  3. you’ve done a great job there generating a `scoop’ andy. if you’re going to turn into a reviewer maybe you should hire david and margaret

    Posted by content generator | October 29, 2009, 20:25
  4. You completely lost me when you referred to Richo and Tripodi as “patriots” — any credibility of the author and article disintegrated at that moment

    Posted by Michael | October 30, 2009, 11:04
  5. GREAT article. Now I understand the world.
    THESE stories in the Fairfax media result from a vendetta. Am I right in assuming the motive for the vendetta is based on a fear that El Telegraph may take Fairfax’s rivers of gold.
    AND I now understand that the connections between certain events, Obeid’s political position and his family’s business interests are just ALL coincidences.
    AS a result of this article I now feel sorry for Eddie who is merely making a contribution to democracy by being involved in the political process, yet is unfairly maligned by the Fairfax media.
    I now realise that Bob Carr got it seriously wrong in 2003 when he refused to have Eddie in his ministry. No doubt the present parlous condition of NSW, could be partly blamed on the loss of Eddie’s innumerable talents, which would have contributed to the good governance of NSW since 2003, but for Carr’s error of judgment.
    GIVEN the present ongoing crisis in the NSW government, perhaps the people of NSW would be best served if Eddie was annointed Premier, or at least made a minister again.

    Posted by Alex Turvey | November 4, 2009, 4:15
  6. What a great write up. Im certainly no journalist with any personal vandetta. Im a working mum who is tired of the Media’s criminal behaviour. Big Congratulations.My faith in the media is slowly being restored when I read intelligent and honest
    article’s such as yours. Ofcourse You had a pack of angry wolves attacking you in response.Again big Congrats.
    I have been noticing such bias unprovoked and such personal attacks on so many public figures and celebrity’s in the Media today.I undertand now that we need to only believe half of what we read and come to our own conclusion (unfortunatly never being able to trust the media’s portrayl of a story as an unbiased view) What a shame! When will those days come back, when what i read is the truth.
    Im just a mum but even us mums out there know how to read between the lines.

    Posted by Janice Ruzic | July 4, 2010, 19:35
  7. It must kill so many of you rednecks to see a Lebanese born Immigrant come to a country,start his life from nothing and build a life of plenty and have one of the most powerful positions in State Gov’t.

    At the same time he is a father of 9 children and grandfather of 30 Grandchildren (so I have read.) This man is not only a brilliant politician and obvioulsy a family man with family values..

    The media today glamourise lebanese thugs like John Ibrahim give him celebrity status and yet try so hard to bring down a man who built a life for both his children and his grandchildren and has worked for the NSW Govt fr over 20 years and still can hold his head high because he has always taken the fight to the end to rednecks who try to bring him down.

    Good on you Eddy Obeid keep the rednecks burning. You must feel like a King.


    Posted by Carl Patterson | July 6, 2010, 11:51
  8. I just want to say that I totally support Alex and Carl. I repeat Carl’s saying…Good on you Eddy Obeid keep the rednecks burning. You must feel like a King.

    Posted by May | August 4, 2010, 21:18