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CARELESS: Labor MP linked to care scandal

A Greek community run care facility for people with disabilities in Preston has been accused of neglecting the interests of clients, underpaying staff and corrupt practices.

The Agapi Care facility in Preston is closely associated with Labor MP Jenny Mikakos, who has been asked by the management to intervene to protect them from concerned regulators.

The organisation has been previously placed in the hands of administrators who were concerned about allegations of financial mismanagement and impropriety.

Since then, the director of the centre Vicki (Vassiliki) Papadopoulos has been the subject of intense investigation from their main funding source, the Victorian Department of Human Services. Their inquires apparently even extend to engaging private investigators who have been probing former and current staff about what’s been going on.

Papadopoulos is understood to be an ALP member and part of the Mikakos numbers base in the northern suburbs.

One source familiar with the situation told the OC that Papadopoulos was doing very well financially out of the dysfunctional centre, in addition to a very healthy salary which some consider to be well over six figures, she has been accused of tucking into the regular supply of groceries delivered there with money supplied by DHS. Some say she is paid more than fifty per cent more than industry standards.

Papadopoulos has protected her position by ensuring that the board of the centre is stacked with mates, reputedly including her godfather.


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  1. Having worked at Agapi, let me just say that i have seen first hand the innappropriate handling of funds by management(both Vicki and her “boyfriend” Andreas). They both deserve to be exposed for the scum that they are. The sad things is that there is a need for such a facility to be open, but both management and Board only care for their pockets to be filled.

    I have raised my concerns to DHS and I’m hopeful that what comes around goes around. These FRAUDS are a disgrace to the Greek Community!

    Posted by Maria | October 4, 2008, 23:29