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FURORE: Academic study says Aussie journos are a bunch of lefties, especially at the ABC

A university study on the political inclinations of Australian journos has caused quite a stir, especially its findings on the ABC's editorial staff.

Bernardi warns UKIP’s success shows how Libs could be outflanked #auspol

SA Liberal powerbroker Cory Bernardi has joined the fight over what kind of Coalition government there’ll be, if elected in September. He’s argued that the success of the UK Independence party shows that a conservative government that isn’t truly conservative

Comrades Bramston & Kenny proven right in ‘Cut & Paste’ while lesser mortals are shamed #ausmedia

The PM’s bold attempted circuit-breaker public foreshadowing of the federal election date won much praise from the Canberra Press Gallery at the time.

The Australian’s Cut & Paste column today even-handedly reminds Fairfax and News Limited folk like Dennis Atkins …

ABETZ ASCENDANT: With frenemies like Alex Hawke, PM-to-be Tony Abbott is desperately going to need friends like Eric Abetz

Provoked by the editor's sympathies for Alex Hawke and the IPA's questioning of Tony Abbott's very generous paid-parental leave scheme that could give some families as much as $3000 a week of taxpayers' money to new parents to change nappies for six months, Christian Lyons has returned to argue for the pro-family policy and that the Liberal party - through champions like Eric Abetz - must keep the conservative faith against the rising ride of libertarianism in Australian conservative politics.

Lib MPs urge Tony Abbott to drop extravagant parental leave tax & spend plan #auspol

The next big battle in Australian politics isn’t so much between the Labor government and the conservative opposition, it’s among the conservatives about what sort of government they are going to be.

NSW federal MP Alex Hawke is breaking cover …

Tony Abbott is all for deregulation, against “nanny-state,” unless he thinks there’s a vote in it #auspol


You cannot bet with a bookie unless you’re over 18-years-old. And yet some – now including Tony Abbott – want to ban sports betting ads during sports broadcasts on television, but only if they contain “live-odds.”.

A random, ill-considered, …

SNEAK PREVIEW: VIP ALP must-see staffer diary sneak-leaked to VEXNEWS

Senior federal government staffers are Very Important People. Just ask them. Some are so important - and erudite - that they have at least a book or two in them. Dr Professor Jim Chalmers PhD (Hons) important work named in honour of a Springsteen anthem 'Glory Days', sneak-leaked to your favourite news source offers some important insights into what went wrong with the Labor government.

James Ashby’s law firm scolded by Federal Court after leaving sex harrassment accuser financially devastated #auspol

The law firm Harmers that represented James Ashby in his clearly politically motivated litigation against former Speaker Peter Slipper last year has again been reprimanded by a Federal Court judge.

The firm insists it bankrolled its client’s case against Oracle …

Tony Abbott’s closest ally urges increase in GST #auspol

Without Nick Michin, Tony Abbott would never have got to be party leader, so his call to broaden and increase the GST is a significant clue to the direction of Coalition policy.

While Labor will try to exploit

Reverend Fred Nile is reaching out to the young people #auspol

It’s not just the Greensparty that can produce hip vids to recruit the kids, Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic party is on the job..…


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