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SUCK IT UP SOL: Lew’s illegally built pool meets heavy-duty concrete saw of justice

Solomon Lew has wasted millions on the incredibly dodgy exercise of illegally building a swimming pool on public land. The community has sorted him right out, deploying heavy-duty concrete saws, excavators and other impressive equipment to fill Lew's massive hole of deception on a hill.

TRICKY, TACKY GREENS: Greensparty says CCTV is waste of money as cops use it to search for Jill Meagher

As Police use CCTV to desperately locate Jill Meagher, the Greensparty have decreed CCTV a waste of money. UPDATE: Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has said he'll look at it installing more CCTV cameras in light of how vital they've been in trying to find Jill Meagher.

Gerard Henderson broke the story on Mason’s involvement in The Dismissal not Whitlam’s latest biographer

Gerard Henderson questions Sir Anthony Mason’s claim that he urged Sir John Kerr to warn Gough Whitlam he had decided to sack him./a.

He also makes it clear that in 1994 he broke the story about Mason’s active participation …

HSU SCANDAL: Fair Work Australia president cracks down on corruption, delay

The poor performance of HSU boss Kathy Jackson’s lover Michael Lawler – the Vice-President of Fair Work Australia – is believed to be the catalyst for a new code of conduct introduced by the President of FWA.

FWA sources have …

Extreme-left elements attacking Jewish-owned businesses cannot be tolerated says Michael Danby

‘Melbourne Ports MP Michael Danby says those defending the nasty bigots who have weirdly picked a Jewish-owned chocolate shop chain as a target for protest against Israeli government protests ought think again.

HATE CRIME: Lefty Hulls-appointed magistrate cheers on anti-Israel bigots

Should anti-Israel fanatics have the right to protest violently outside Jewish-owned businesses? A Victorian magistrate thinks they do.

COINCIDENCE? Kathy Jackson’s Sydney lawyers are the same as Peter Slipper’s sex harassment accuser’s

HarmersjacksonIn what must surely be a coincidence, Speaker Peter Slipper’s sex harassment accuser James Ashby’s Sydney lawyers are the same Sydney lawyers engaged by the HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson against her HSU foes. Jackson has recently appeared alongside HR …

SRSLY SHAMELESS: Jackson admits her $270K salary is “obscene” but will she return the loot?

Kathy Jackson has admitted she has received "obscene" and inappropriate payments from HSU members' money. It's now time for her to disgorge her "obscene" profits.

WILD WEST JUSTICE: Brian Burke cleared, WA Corruption and Crime Commission jeered

Former WA Premier Brian Burke has been persecuted, prosecuted and vilified by his enemies. He did what few could and refused to be cowered by the overwhelming force of the venal WA Corruption and Crime Commission, increasingly notorious because of its savage, vindictive and bizarre treatment of its targets that have in some cases led to deaths.

POOL OF INFINITE PLEASURES: Billionaire Solomon Lew risks jail by defying order to remove illegally built pool

Solomon Lew is defying the order of a local council, confirmed by Victoria's Building Appeals Board, that he remove his illegally constructed swimming pool, built on public land part of a nature reserve. If Lew continues, he and his daughter Jaki could end up in jail.


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