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NEVER-ENDING STORIE: Our Edwina Storie yarn goes off and so do her tweets

Edwina Storie, the Iranian regime's young propagandist operating out of Sydney, is covering up parts of her history of online romping. Is it too little too late for PressTV's first glamour model correspondent?

STRANGE STORIE: Sydney glamour model Edwina Storie doubles up as Iranian regime propaganda TV “reporter”

The Islamic Republic of Iran's propaganda satellite news channel PressTV has a new Sydney correspondent, Edwina Storie, who appears to have omitted to tell the mad mullahs a few things before they hired her. VEXNEWS is first with the worst.

Journo bride abandons wedding to report on earthquake #ausmedia

Love ’em or hate them, the commitment of journalists to getting a story can be awe-inspiring. In China, a bride and TV reporter Chen Ying, skipped out on her own wedding to hook up with her camera crew to report

CUT THROAT POLITICS: Indelicate phrase “cut the throat” ought not be hanging offence

SkyNews dashing star of screen Peter van Onselen is a good guy but is making a big deal about not much, in relation to his tweet-claims that a senior Abbott staffer threatened to "cut the throat" of a prominent do-gooder at a cocktail party. We examine the colourful language of politics and lament the threats to it from the politically correct.

FARRAH FORCED IT: Journalist burned confidential ministerial source, leaving Andrew McIntosh a smouldering ruin

Feisty Fairfax factotum Farrah Tomazin clumsily divulged the identity of a confidential source, causing a senior Victorian Liberal minister to resign. Should she also resign? Many in Spring Street think her goose is cooked.

CHARGED: Three Age journos and prominent Greensparty boss charged over VEXNEWS Herald Sun hacking revelations

Three Age journos and Greensparty honcho Fraser Brindley have been criminally charged with hacking the ALP's voter database. Please keep your amusement in the comments to a dignified and judicially restrained minimum and note the four are entitled to the presumption of innocence, even here.

UGLY: Fin Review plays race card on Obeid

If Eddie Obeid broke the law, he should be punished. But the guilt-by-association frenzy that swirls around the former NSW MP is getting very, very ugly, substantially fed by NSW ICAC headline addicts.

In today’s supposedly respectable Financial Review, their …

HILL OF HORROR: Scribes and pollies in race to the bottom #auspol #ausmedia

Dennis Atkins puts it best: “YESTERDAY was the sixth consecutive Parliamentary sitting day when no one did anything about the Labor leadership. Today looks like being the seventh.”

Canny Melbourne lefties sold Lonely Planet for $200M more than BBC could get for it a few years on

Canny Melbourne lefties Maureen and Tony Wheeler sold one-time must-have travel book publisher Lonely Planet to British taxpayers through their BBC in 2007 and 2011 for a total of 130 million pounds./a

Way back then that was worth around $280

ELVIS BACK IN THE BUILDING: Rare Glenn Milne sighting in Club Fed

Glenn Milne, boned and boozed News Limited scribe of yesteryear is rarely seen in his former Australian Parliament House haunt but is cruising around today wearing a sharp sports jacket and red-framed eyeglasses he might have taken by accident from …


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