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Obama and Romney campaigns mine personal lives to get out the vote

US Democratic and Republican party campaigns have spent $13 million this year on voter data acquisition with some using “public shaming” to encourage people to vote.

AARGH: With 800 members plus Pirate Party Australia sets sail for party registration for federal poll

With powerful media companies urging politicians to impose much stiffer penalties on those downloading pirated video, software and music online, worried internet users might well turn to Pirate Party Australia to defend their internet-given right to download as much of Mad Men, Breaking Bad or Lady Gaga as they want. Under the leadership of its president David Campbell, VEXNEWS can reveal they are well and truly on track to achieving party registration, enabling them to run candidates with their party name on the ballot at the next federal election. With millions of early-adopting Australians downloading like demons from the inter-torrentz how well will they do?

THE NEXT BATTLE: What kind of government will Tony Abbott lead?

With most willing to call the next federal election result already, conservatives are already positioning to ensure the likely next PM, Tony Abbott, keeps on the straight and narrow, resisting his statist urges. VEXNEWS went to the launch of a group that will play a vital role in that effort.

Trot Guide 2012

Those of you who think revolutionary fervour in Australian politics is confined to the Business Class-travelling cadre of Greens party senators and adviser baby-daddies haven’t read “Trot Guide 2012.”

NSW council implements millionaire’s vision of letting the people decide

A NSW council will randomly select more than 1500 people from the community to join a panel to help the councillor decide what to spend money on for the next four years.

The Canada Bay council in Sydney has begun …

Advice from the ancients…

Court key backers, remember voters’ names, pander to special interests. A sexual smear against an opponent also helps.

via Quintus Tullius Cicero gave his brother Marcus candid advice about how to win elections which the WSJ summarises as: “Court key

Gerard Henderson says Australian political commentary features exaggeration and hyperbole

Interesting perspective from Gerard Henderson that many have massively exaggerated the significance of Labor’s leadership shenanigans and also Tony Abbott’s very ugly poll numbers..…

INDICTED: The bunging of Bob Brown

Bob Brown's decision to take a $1.6 million donation from one of Australia's richest men and subsequent shameless spruiking of the multi-millionaire's commercial and property development interests is an ugly corruption scandal that could potentially see Brown imprisoned or fined by order of the Senate, following a reference to the Privileges Committee initiated by Senator Helen Kroger.

BLOW UP THE WOWSERS: Tony Abbott’s right on pokies

Nick Mack is in fine form today, paying out on the rise of the neo-wowser.

WEEKEND OF WOE: Such an agonising waste

It's been a grim weekend. And we're not just talking about the football.


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