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DUMMY-SPITS: The Age’s Clay Lucas secret Labor right-winger shame exposed

The Age's Clay Lucas has not fully disclosed his fascinating political past. We do it for him.

THE ABC OF IMPARTIAL REPORTING: Bashing Israel bruises our public broadcaster’s rep

Pretending far-left extremist Antony Loewenstein is a mainstream voice speaking on behalf of the Jewish community on Israel discredits the ABC.

MAYNIAC STRIKES AGAIN: Failed attempt at corrupting MAV vote blows up in Stephen Mayne’s face

Strange-cat councillor Stephen Mayne has been caught out attempting to corrupt the Municipal Association of Victoria presidential ballot. Naturally, VEXNEWS is there. UPDATE: Mayne lost. Badly.

Melbourne Uni has a taxpayer-funded graffiti expert


You will comforted to learn the University of Melbourne has an expert on street graffiti and that he is available for quotes and analysis on matters of inner-urban concern.

Their website advises:

Dr Lachlan MacDowall is an artist and

Lakemba mosque’s Christmas Grinch fatwa shocks Muslim community

An extremist imam at the Lakemba Mosque has issued a fatwa against Christmas, advising worshippers it is a “sin” for them to even wish people ‘Merry Christmas’

Other Lebanese Muslim community leaders are not so sure, including Keysar Trad who …

ANU student newspaper not allowed to publish Victor White fraud details

ANU’s student newspaper has been banned from revealing details of the alleged $125,000 fraud against it by a former official.

VEXNEWS revealed the identity of the alleged thief – a Victor White – earlier in the year. The fellow threatened …

HELL HATH NO FURY: Adele Carles dobs in ex-lover Troy Buswell for drunkenly “dry-humping” Perth millionaire

Just in time for Christmas, the ex Greensparty MP Adele Carles who shagged WA Liberal minister Troy Buswell - in a most unlikely coupling - is starting to blab about the dirty deets of their indecent liaison to Perth political scribes. Hilarity has ensued.

NSW Labor Left sorry they preselected Ian Macdonald 6 times – #nswpol

The NSW Labor Left has today apologised for preselecting former state minister Ian Macdonald for elections in 1988, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007 to avoid fall-out from bad publicity arising from his now somewhat notorious twenty-two years of public

THE GREEDIEST MAN IN AUSTRALIA: Billionaire retailer Sol Lew still crying poor, blaming internet shoppers

Solomon Lew has made a lot of money from selling cheap stuff from China at very high prices in shopping centres. But the billionaire still isn't happy and wants internet shopping slugged with a new tax that would cost more to collect than it would raise and would cause tremendous delivery delays for shoppers.

PLAYING POLITICS: Victoria’s Ombudsman seeking revenge on Baillieu

OmbudsmanVictoria’s Ombudsman has been made accountable for the first time to an inspectorate and parliamentary committee that will oversee its increasingly notorious activities.

In response, George Brouwer, soon to retire as Ombudsman, has been writing public letters attacking the government …


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