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CHARGES: Bitten Senator Helen Kroger could face the bite of the law over dog drama

helenkroger Liberal sources tell VEXNEWS they fear factional operator Senator Helen Kroger could face embarrassing legal action over an incident where her two dogs – including a Rottweiler – attacked and killed a neighbour’s dog that had strayed onto her property.

The Senator herself was seriously injured by her dogs and the neighbour’s dog as she attempted to separate them, she is currently in Epworth Freemasons hospital ahead of surgery on her hand and leg.

A Boroondara council spokeswoman told AAP that “even though the incident occurred on private property the council could take action against Ms Kroger if a complaint is received.”

Their website explains that the council could declare the Senator’s dogs dangerous of they have “caused serious injury to a person or animal by biting or attacking,” as they appear to have done in this case. As at the end of 2007, some 500 dogs in Victoria were so registered as a “danger to society.”

Legal experts tell VEXNEWS that the Victorian Domestic Animals Act makes dog owners liable if their dog is a “nuisance” which is defined as conduct including injuring or endangering the health of any person. Those convicted are liable for a relatively small fine.

Sources say the neighbour is not impressed, even with the brave efforts of the Senator who tried to save the intruding dog. The neighbour has apparently not been returning calls from Senator Kroger.


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  1. Christ she’s ugly no wonder hubby knocked off Annie, I hope the dog had all vacinations up to date otherwise it might have caught something.

    Posted by anon | February 22, 2010, 20:31
  2. I hope the DOG wasn’t you Amanda.

    You bad girl, now stop scratching, I will put some Flea powder on you later.

    Posted by Andrew Jeepies | February 22, 2010, 20:36
  3. Why do urban dwellers need to keep pointless big dogs anyway?

    I though the TV media coverage tonight was pathetic. “Diddums” poor Helens cut finger. The reporters should have ambushed her asking how she felt about the “dogs of war” that invaded Iraq in 2003 resulting in 100,000 Iraqi deaths and replaced Saddam with a factional corrupt government and in Afghanistan replaced the Taliban (for the moment) with a corrupt government involved in electoral fraud.

    The best TV interviews in years have been conducted on Q&A by high school students when they ambushed PM Rudd

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | February 22, 2010, 20:45
  4. I was surprised when I heard the dog bite didn’t happen whilst she was campaigning in a marginal outer suburban seat. I know the Senator loves to get out of Hawthorne and her fluffy white robe to mix it with the punters.

    Posted by Tony Barry | February 22, 2010, 21:05
  5. I’d love Alan Jones to serve me in the lingerie department at Myer Castle Hill

    Posted by Mr Chad Humphries | February 22, 2010, 21:22
  6. Ms Kroger, you are the one to blame for owning dogs which you cannot control and for having them loose in your front yard. Have the dogs put down immediately before they kill a child. These dogs now have a taste of blood – Booroondara Council, euthanaze the dogs before they kill someone.

    Posted by JudyS | February 22, 2010, 21:23
  7. She should keep Michael on a leash at all times.

    Posted by Doghouse | February 22, 2010, 21:35
  8. Er, the neighbours dog went into Kroger’s property? Why was that dog allowed to roam free? The neighbour should be fined for not having their dog on a leash !!!

    Posted by Anonymous | February 22, 2010, 21:56
  9. Wait a minute. So the terrier was trespassing and got done for it’s misjudgement. So Darwin is still at work.
    Sounds like the neighbour is the one who should be charged for having a dog roaming at large.

    Posted by otblue | February 22, 2010, 22:18
  10. You mean the dog that bit Helen Kroger did not die?

    Posted by K 9 Picnic | February 22, 2010, 23:16
  11. Grrrrrrr….rrrrrrr….

    Yuck…. spit….


    Posted by Rhodesian Ridgeback | February 22, 2010, 23:36
  12. Noting wrong with a Liberal enjoying a bit of dogging.

    Posted by [deleted - impersonation] | February 22, 2010, 23:39
  13. Legal experts tell VEXNEWS that the Victorian Domestic Animals Act makes dog owners liable if their dog is a “nuisance” which is defined as conduct including injuring or endangering the health of any person. Those convicted are liable for a relatively small fine.

    One wonders if there is a similar Victoian Act of Parliament to protect the general public from savage and dangerious Liberal Senators???

    Seriously honeys… is there?

    Posted by Natasha the Despoiler | February 22, 2010, 23:42
  14. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…rrrrrrrrrrr

    It was worth it.


    Posted by The Rottweiler | February 22, 2010, 23:44
  15. Is there a Victorian Act of Parliament to protect us from Liberal Senators for Victoria?

    Posted by Anon | February 22, 2010, 23:47
  16. I bet Baci could take em on.

    Posted by Alex Hork | February 23, 2010, 0:18
  17. I dont understand – Kroger is the bitch so shouldnt see be put down ?

    Posted by Anonymous | February 23, 2010, 0:27
  18. fuckwits. anyone who lets their dog squeeze under a neighbour’s gate into other dogs’ territory should understand that it’s tata terrier

    Posted by kk | February 23, 2010, 0:28
  19. Don’t know Helen Kroger but I am sure she doesn’t deserve the sexist misogynist crap being served up here. No-one does. This isn’t commentary it is hate mail.

    Posted by Duruttti | February 23, 2010, 8:51
  20. Which dog was it Hullsy or Timmy that bit her?

    Posted by scarlet pimpernell | February 23, 2010, 10:03
  21. In this case both are guilty. The owner of the dead dog should not have it off a leash. Kroger is reponsible to have her dogs trained so they do not react in the manner that they did. Thank goodness it was not a small child who wandered into her garden.
    Put the dogs down and both cop a fine.

    Posted by The truth | February 23, 2010, 10:12
  22. Always thought Helen Kroger was a dogs breakfast, this proves it!

    Posted by Toby Hall | February 23, 2010, 10:54
  23. Speaking of dogging Alan and I had a brisk trade in the far cubicle in the Wahroonga Gentlemens Public Lavatory this morning.

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | February 23, 2010, 12:03
  24. This is all an ALP conspiricy.

    Posted by Brett | February 23, 2010, 12:34
  25. Prior contributors have made the correct point: the rottweiller is not a suitable dog for an urban backyard. They are over-represented in dog attacks.

    Posted by Walter Plinge | February 23, 2010, 12:41
  26. Duruttti are you the mangy old dog that bit her?

    Posted by anon | February 23, 2010, 12:49
  27. Anon are you a dickhead? Duruttti is correct, regardless of if your labor or Liberal what has happened here is terrible for both the Senator and the three dogs mentioned. The sexist remarks and jokes… don’t people have any heart for the situation? I would love to see you guys take a dog attack and see how you feel after it.

    Posted by Point of Order | February 23, 2010, 18:26
  28. That photo unfortunately shows the real Helen…woolf woolf…ugly

    Posted by The photo of her is eeekkk | February 24, 2010, 23:13
  29. Agree with Plinge.W.

    Rottweilers are unsuitable for urban yards – as are Rhodesian Ridgebacks – known as “Lion Killers” in Africa.

    Unbelievable what goes on in Kew.

    Posted by Anon | February 25, 2010, 17:15
  30. For your enjoyment, why don’t we publish the real truth? For one, the Council of Boorondara has received overwhelming complaints regarding the TERRIER that invaded Helen Kroger’s front yard. The animal roams then residential streets of Hawthorn around the Senator’s home address and terrorises neighbours and passersby. The dog has been in incidents before of violence against other dogs in its street. Because it is small does not make it the victim, nor does it make Kroger’s dogs responsible. From my knowledge, Krogers dogs have no record of violence and simply because one is a Rottweiler, does not make it vicious or the culprit.

    If anything, the owner should have been fined for letting it roam and disturb neighbours. It was probably because it had such poor discipline that it was in a fight in the first place.

    Posted by Rubbish | February 26, 2010, 20:48
  31. New video threatens to drag Victorian division into war with Alex Hawke.


    Posted by Gerard Loughnane | March 3, 2010, 21:26


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