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COMPLEX WORLD DEFIES CONSPIRACISTS: Alan Jones hearts Bob Carr and opposes coal seam gas mining

If conservative radio commentator Alan Jones is a puppet of mining interests, then his views on the mining industry, the potentially crucial source of energy coal seam gas and even on Labor’s new Foreign Minister Bob Carr, do leave us rather confused. Could it be that conspiracy theorists are reading too much into Gina Rinehart, John Singleton and even belch-meister Clive Palmer’s investments in the media?

It’s comforting and amusing to hear Sydney men of power stick together with Alan Jones interviewing his mate Bob Carr, calling his appointment a triumph of “commonsense.” “This man Carr has an outstanding intellect…” and so it went.

The friendly interview was the best run Labor must have had on 2GB for a while.

With Jones going (and on) about coal seam gas extraction potentially ruining us all, it’s enough to make us think that those assuming a power-axis between supposedly uber-right-wing mega-millionaire John Singleton (actually a former Labor ad-man), billionaire Gina Rinehart and the worst living breathing advertisement of Beijing-bowing billionaire mining baron Clive Palmer might actually be full of crap.

Jones is wrong about coal seam gas, a potentially very important and much-needed source of energy.

But Alan Jones’ position – honestly and independently arrived at – is his own position. It’s a view shared by many farmers and an endless procession of callers from Upper Comebakta West.

It is not a view that would be shared by many mining entrepreneurs who’d be normally inclined to support Alan Jones. Jones’s view is apparently shared by the belch-meister Beijing billionaire Clive Palmer, as he mustn’t figured out how to make a quid out of it, yet. The irrefutable truth is that Alan Jones is no-one’s puppet and from what we understand is an equity-owner in Macquarie Radio as a result of the deal Singleton did with him in coaxing the King of Sydney Radio across from 2UE.

So, whether it’s the Treasurer, a good man prone to bursts of Chavezian excitability, or lesser beings rabbiting on about conspiracy theories about miners trying to enforce their views on the media, using various editorial talent as compliant puppets, it doesn’t stack up.


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  1. ‘Alan Jones’ position-honestly and independently arrived at- is his own position’!! Hilarious Vex!!. Jones is Australia’s reining number one cash for comment man!! C’mon Vex are you now looking for work in Radio because all your efforts to get jobs at the Herald Sun haven’t come to fruition?

    Posted by Mysterious and wise | March 5, 2012, 18:20
  2. My fav position is strides down holding my ankles and Pissy Chryne hard at it behind me.

    Posted by Alan Jones | March 5, 2012, 20:23
  3. Perhaps the mining lobby hasnt been paying Alan Jones cash for comment lately so if they want him on board they have to open their chequebooks.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 6, 2012, 2:14
  4. Indeed. Alan Jones pays out on the mining lobby and when they delivery him cash for “non-comment” he will miraculously stop bagging them.

    Posted by Cash 4 Comment | March 6, 2012, 8:58
  5. Until I heard Alan Jones on the subject, I didn’t give a flying frack about coal seam gas. But if he’s against it, maybe it’s not such a bad thing, I’m thinking.

    Posted by Paul Kemp | March 6, 2012, 13:49
  6. Alan Jones is entitled to his view and is entitled to express the view of anyone else as his own if he wishes.

    He is not a news journalist but a commentator and an entertainer.

    He doesn’t profess to tell the story from a balanced viewpoint but from a vantage point that he expresses forcefully and convincingly.

    This is why he is influential and people seek his counsel.

    Some people feel it is worth paying him a retainer or a fee. That’s OK by me as well. Out of a belief in openness and proper disclosure and because I believe it would enhance his considerable credibility with the public, I’d rather he disclosed these retainers and payments but it is up to him to do so.

    Alan Jones picks his friends and sticks by them. He is loyal and trustworthy.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | March 6, 2012, 14:48
  7. Wow your full of it Giuseppe!

    Posted by Mysterious and wise | March 6, 2012, 22:05
  8. [Could it be that conspiracy theorists are reading too much into Gina Rinehart, John Singleton and even belch-meister Clive Palmer’s investments in the media?]

    Sure, because media is so profitable at the moment. Which clever businessman wouldn’t want to buy the SMH?

    Posted by Zaf | March 6, 2012, 22:08
  9. Jones sounds like a demented parrot squawking about Coal Seam Gas operations. taking over Australia’s mainland.

    He squaked loudly and often about Aborigines vetoing exploration and mining on land granted them by the Federal Government because “all minerals belong to the Crown” but has reversed his position demanding land owners should have the right to veto resource development on their leases.

    Posted by gabrianga | March 7, 2012, 2:41
  10. $25,000 a month from the Minerals Council would see Alan Jones change his tuned mighty fast.

    Posted by Cash 4 Comment | March 7, 2012, 2:46