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CREEPY: Founding Victorian Greens member and senior party figure Peter Singer endorses bestiality Joel Monaghan style

bobbrownpetersinger While animal rights groups have expressed horror about the scandalous sex attack by Canberra Raiders NRL star Joel Monaghan on a defenceless dog, philosopher Peter Singer, a founder of the Greens party in Victoria and a high-profile candidate in the Kooyong by-election after Andrew Peacock’s retirement in 1994, disagrees, arguing that sex between man and beast is not wrong as long as it is not cruel.

Singer has been a regular feature on Greens party tickets since helping form the Greens party in Victoria. He’s previously run for the Senate for the Greens party with Bob Brown and we understands that he is a close, personal friend of the federal Greens leader. They have co-authored a book on the Greens.

In one of many articles and books written by the Greens party identity defending bestiality, Singer argues:

But sex with animals does not always involve cruelty.

Singer goes on to chronicle – with rather too much enthusiasm – all the possibilities. He certainly seems living proof that enthusiasm for this kind of wrongdoing is not restricted to the NRL.

His position is that bestiality can be an "ethically correct" action, if not as a cruel "domination of animals", but rather as a ""love for animals", and if it is mutually "preferred."

Of course you don’t need a PhD to figure out that the Greens party academic is a sick perv. One of many denunciations of Peter Singer’s views include this one that puts it best:

When someone has sex with an animal, he foists himself on a creature that has the mental and emotional capacity of a child. Thus, it is no more capable than a child of giving meaningful consent. … [I]f you have had sex with someone who is constitutionally incapable of giving anything that might constitute meaningful consent, you have committed rape. At the very least you have taken advantage of a creature over which you exercise considerable power.

That’s why the NRL player should be ashamed of himself. Peter Singer has made no admissions but his arguments are little more than a defence of rape. One of these days, and it is coming soon enough, the extreme-left Greens party will be held to account for tolerating these contemptible views.


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  1. Pete’s alway been a weirdo. Of course, he’s a public intellectual. There hasn’t been a public intellectual who isn’t a loony. Oh, I’ll make an exception for Roger Scruton. Singer is by the hard left but ridiculed by everyone else.

    Posted by Walter Plinge | November 5, 2010, 19:40
  2. And we won’t mention the dirty grubby Theophanous brothers will we? Filthy wogs who are deviant sexual predators.

    Posted by anon | November 5, 2010, 19:45
  3. Why do you jews keep kicking the greens? If we were to print a few pieces of the jew holy book the Torah about sex with men and three year old girls we would see who the sick ones are.

    Posted by Mick malloy | November 5, 2010, 20:24
  4. Why do perverts inhabit the Left so much? And seem so proud of it.

    He uses the same argument as kiddie fiddlers. I propose the same punishment I want for paedos.. a visit to the famous Soviet physician Dr Kuchakokoff

    Posted by Not Red | November 5, 2010, 20:33
  5. Singer is a utilitarian who considers suffering the only thing that’s inherently bad. His “endorsement of bestiality” was a pretty neutral review of a book that discussed the topic, in which he noted that there could potentially be situations in which sexual contact with an animals, while certainly weird, wouldn’t actually cause harm. For example, women whose dogs lick them. Weird, but who am I to judge or complain?

    But you don’t have to be on the left to agree that cruelty to animals is wrong, and the we degrade ourselves by participating in it. Look at animals in the food industry, where hens are crammed into cages so small that their beaks have to be sliced off to prevent them from pecking each other to death under the stress of the confinement.

    I dare you to look. See, for example, Paul McCartney’s Glass Walls video on MEAT.org

    Posted by Mark | November 6, 2010, 1:39
  6. […] […]

    Posted by CREEPY: Founding Victorian Greens member and senior party figure Peter Singer … · The Leather and Fetish News | November 6, 2010, 3:06
  7. Sex between a man and MALE animals is fine, male puppies are my favourite.

    Posted by Craig.L. | November 6, 2010, 7:44
  8. NRL is cruel and bestial to animals

    Posted by creepier | November 6, 2010, 9:20
  9. So the NRL is appauled but the Greens aren’t.

    Which bright young thing from The Aged is going to ask uncomfortable questions to Green candidates?

    Who has asked the Greens members in the ACT if they will change the laws?

    Posted by creepier and creepier | November 6, 2010, 9:24
  10. If I went down on a dog instead of a football player would Peter Singer still go down on me? Someone really needs to apply the weed whacker to my native old-growth bushland.

    Posted by Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young | November 6, 2010, 11:07
  11. Love between a male dog and a man should be encouraged.

    Posted by Craig.L. | November 6, 2010, 12:15
  12. we have all had a bit of dog at least once in our lives

    Posted by Ben Rauwe | November 6, 2010, 13:08
  13. I enjoy testicles.

    Posted by Craig.L. | November 6, 2010, 16:45
  14. They are sick and depraved. Why would you vote Green? Why would the Liberal Party preference the Greens?

    Posted by The Greens Sick and depraved | November 7, 2010, 10:49
  15. Adds new meaning to play the ball not the man.

    Posted by The sportsman | November 7, 2010, 10:50
  16. Why cant consenting adults and dogs have sex?

    Posted by Irene Webber | November 7, 2010, 19:02
  17. I’ve done plenty of dogs in my time, in fact I’m doing a dirty old dog at the moment.

    Posted by Boofa | November 7, 2010, 23:21
  18. Of course, this is re-hashing a story from a decade ago.

    Posted by Anon | November 8, 2010, 11:50
  19. Andrew – have you read the comments you allow to be printed here under the VEX banner? It paints you and your kin as racist, homophobic and anti-semetic. No wonder people in Victoria think the conservatives are a pathetic joke.

    Your website is a now a home to silly young men devoid of success, friendship and intellect (I visit here because VEX is a sociological insight into the world of losers, try hards and political detritus!)

    Honestly Andy, are you 16 and enjoy the T & A humour of the outhouse?

    You are a political retard, wallowing in the left over waste disposal units of frustrated conservatives afraid of the ALP/Greens but to scared to stand for public office. You hide behind other people’s names and act like rats on a sinking – no, stinking, ship.

    Honestly, a dog is too good fro some of your fans. A skunk would be better company.

    Posted by Wendy | November 8, 2010, 13:47
  20. The video by Greens candidate for Pascoe Vale Liam Farrelly is all the evidence needed to show they’re capable of anything.

    Posted by mal | November 8, 2010, 14:01
  21. The dogs of this world have a lot to fear from Vex bloggers.

    Posted by Wendy | November 8, 2010, 17:48
  22. The Greens have to allow beastiality, otherwise none of them could pick up!

    Posted by Anonymous | November 8, 2010, 21:50
  23. I’ve turned. You lot have convinced me. I was so wrong to be a leftie with hairy armpits. I’m with you now brothers. Let’s go torch a refo’s red carpet detention hotel, let’s mine the Barrier Reef, let’s sell uranium to Iran, let’s cut taxes and fark those who need special ed or free health. I saw Janet on Q & A and am so wanting to marry her. She’s the one.

    I’m Tea Party Wendy from now on. I’m so Sarah Palin it’s not funny.

    Let me lose boys, I’m gonna skin me a Greenie for brunch….

    Posted by Wendy | November 9, 2010, 11:07
  24. Move over Rover Bobs coming

    Posted by andy bult | November 9, 2010, 20:51
  25. Move over Bob my turn.

    Posted by Pissy Chryne | November 9, 2010, 21:08
  26. Mick malloy, you are a cretin of the highest order and further proof of the racist and bigotted tendencies of greens supporters and voters.

    Posted by Al | November 12, 2010, 13:07


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