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Gerard Henderson broke the story on Mason’s involvement in The Dismissal not Whitlam’s latest biographer

Gerard Henderson questions Sir Anthony Mason’s claim that he urged Sir John Kerr to warn Gough Whitlam he had decided to sack him./a>.

He also makes it clear that in 1994 he broke the story about Mason’s active participation in the formulation of Kerr’s decision to – without advice from ministers – unilaterally sack a government and call a new election.

Kerr’s decision was debatable at best and Mason’s claim that he urged Kerr to honestly disclose his intentions to Whitlam unprovable but what is beyond question is that Kerr is one of Australia’s great villains not because he cost Whitlam his job but because he valued his own above a legitimate and democratic exercise of the ceremonial powers with which he was entrusted. A bad man indeed.


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    1975 WHITLAM GOVERNMENT DISMISSAL: was Governor General Sir John Kerr spooked by Soviet spy visit?

    -ASIO files reveal planned Soviet Spy visit
    -TEAM UZUNOV joins the Jenny-Hocking-Dr Gerard Henderson fray over “The Third Man”

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