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GREEDY GREENS: Greg Barber MBA grubs for loot to “Make History in Melbourne all over again”

The Victorian Greens have been substantially invisible since the last state election. That absence of profile has not discouraged them from chancing their arm in by-elections as they arise.

They reckon their best prospect will be in the state seat of Melbourne.

With that in mind, the Greens, who are set to have an epic internal war over who their candidate will be, are already out in the field raising money.

Their fundraising efforts previously have been epic, soliciting the largest recorded donation in Australian political history from developer and tourism entrepreneur Graeme Wood, who recently boned Monica Attard from the Global Mail. Wood gave them $1.6 million and generously received in return – according to corruption-busting Senator Helen Kroger – lavish assistance from Greens Senators and MPs on one of his proposed property developments.

Many thought it corruption of the most old school and blatant kind.

It looks like Wood isn’t coughing up the unlimited bucks these days so their Victorian leader – initially designated in the role on a de facto basis by VEXNEWS and eventually given the gig officially Greg Barber MBA MLC is passing the hat around selected Greens donor comrades (most of them public servants – your taxes at work) to fund their Melbourne state seat grab.

He certainly can’t hit up the local branch membership, Barber admitted on Jon Faine’s show just the other day there are only around one hundred members in the seat, a fraction of Labor’s membership base there, sources say.

Australian Greens Victoria

The Australian Greens – Victoria GPO Box 4589, Melbourne VIC 3001
1/377 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Email:office@vic.greens.org.au ph: (03) 9602 1141
Web: vic.greens.org.au
ABN 11 616 265 905

Dear (Comrade – redacted),
This afternoon the State Labor MP representing Melbourne announced her resignation from Parliament. That means there will be a snap by-election.
What a great opportunity for the Greens to break into the Lower House of Victoria’s Parliament! But we have to move fast. Click here to donate and help kickstart our campaign.
Remember when we Made History in 2010, when Adam Bandt became our first ever lower house MP? Since then we’ve seen action on climate change, dental health care, mariage (sic) equality and many other issues that we Greens care about, move to the forefront of the parliamentary agenda.
If just one in twenty people in the State District of Melbourne change their vote, we will Make History again.
But we need your help to run our best campaign ever in Melbourne. Your donation will ensure that every voter in the electorate knows about our achievements and our vision for the future, before they cast their vote.
Can you chip in to help us Make History in Melbourne all over again?
Thanks for all you do.
Best wishes,

Greg Barber, Victorian Parliamentary Leader
This message is authorised by Greg Barber MLC, Northern Metropolitan Region
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Greg Barber MLC
GPO Box 4589
Melbourne VIC 3001


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  1. The LNP will not make the mistake it did at the last Federal election where it directed preferences to the Greens. The Greens will not secure LNP preferences. The LNP lost votes and support as a result, they will not make the same mistake twice.

    Posted by Liberal voter | May 9, 2012, 16:04
  2. party leader solicits funds for candidate… well done jimmy olsen

    Posted by Rose Hancock | May 17, 2012, 2:26


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