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HORRIFIED: Angry lefties react to Hutchinson takedown in Sunday Age frenzy of fury

Front page The Victorian government appointed a draft dodger and former enemy propagandist Garrie Hutchinson as a “veterans heritage officer.”

Not greatly unlike appointing a game-hunter head of the Melbourne Zoo.

hutchinson2 But of course, the Vietnam War era generation are used to getting their own way. And holding one of their own responsible for their actions is just not part of their dominant paradigm.

Hutchinson – a former ALP staffer – was busy positioning himself as the new Les Carlyon, a former Age journalist who has made a killing out of writing military history books. His books sell incredibly well, and were apparently the bedside reading of former PM John Howard.

hutcheditorial Being the Victorian Government’s veterans heritage officer was a crucial part of his gimmick. Depriving him of this has probably cost him a fortune, publishing insiders told VEXNEWS during the week.

“Books about Australia’s military are probably the hottest area of non-fiction at the moment, certainly up there with crime”, a publishing executive explained to us when discussing Hutchinson’s downfall.

So we can understand his bitterness. He lost more than his job, he’s lost his credibility as a commentator on military history and will eventually be forced to do a lower profile job in the Department of Planning and Community Development. His fury can be understood in that context.



And The Sunday Age of course feels his pain.

It supports anyone who opposes the US, regardless of the circumstances or the victims of communist terror they were desperate to help.

It supports anyone of the cultural left who won’t apologise for offending brave diggers who served and sacrificed so that they we can live free.

It supports increasingly absurd looking baby boomers who contemptuously regard those who’ve followed them as not “sufficiently socially aware”.

They are appalled that citizen journalists could force accountability among the smugly indulgent and pampered Left. Horrified that the state’s most popular newspaper would take up the crusade on behalf of Aussie Diggers who would not tolerate someone who campaigned for their enemy cashing in on their heritage.

Outraged that they can no longer control the narrative. Puzzled that the world has changed, information democratised, their privilege under attack as never before.

Little wonder they devoted a front page splash (in the middle of the Olympics no less!), 2000 words of story and a ‘leader’ editorial on it.

One digger told us this morning “I think we must have really hurt ’em mate.” And after being lorded over for years by Vietnam era know-alls who made them feel as welcome as a skunk at a picnic when they returned from their heroic service, from the tone of his voice it had clearly been a long time coming.


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  1. Credibility.

    It can only be earnt, and when lost it cannot be regained.

    Hutchinson and Hyland may roo the day when they lost their’s.

    Posted by Cav | August 19, 2008, 14:11
  2. “Not greatly unlike appointing a game-hunter head of the Melbourne Zoo”

    More like a PETA activist as head of Melbourne zoo.

    Posted by ar | August 19, 2008, 14:42


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