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OUTRAGE: Diggers say no to draft dodger flying their flag

The campaign for the removal of draft dodger Garrie Hutchinson from his role representing veterans in the Victorian Government received a boost with Monday’s Herald Sun’s prominent report on the affair this morning.

This follows an investigation by Sasha Uzonov and a report on Andrew Landeryou’s blog site.

They revealed Hutchinson’s role at the Department of Planning and Community Development. Veterans had previously expressed concerns that Hutchinson’s extensive contacts in the mainstream media would mean they would be less inclined to investigate his past and current activities.

Carly Crawford’s report quotes RSL Victorian president Major-General David McLachlan saying “From the veteran community’s point of view, he is not the person we want in the job.”

It also has an intrepid state government spokeswoman spinning hard “His views on conscription at the time of the Vietnam conflict are well known and were indeed shared by many other Australians, both at the time and across the spectrum of Australian military and political history.”

Veterans have distinguished between his views on conscription and his self-admitted role as a propagandist for Australia’s enemy at the time, the Viet Cong. Hutchinson has confessed to showing Viet Cong propaganda films in England at the time he was “resisting” the draft.

One veteran told VEXNEWS, “Garrie Hutchinson didn’t just oppose conscription, he didn’t just break the law by refusing to be drafted, he didn’t stand up for principle and be jailed here or anything like that, he fled overseas and – by his own admission – showed the enemy’s propaganda films in England. He is much worse than a draft dodger, he’s a traitor.”


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  1. The heading is deceitful.

    Not only was he a draft dodger, but he aided the enemy.

    He would have been shot in earlier wars, but now that we are a ‘civilised nation’ he gets a nice government job to educate our children about war.

    What sort of society have we become where this does not cause universal outrage?

    Posted by Cav | August 11, 2008, 22:24
  2. He should be shot for disloyalty

    Posted by RSL | August 11, 2008, 22:31
  3. Simon Burro is such a bore.

    Posted by Darlene | August 11, 2008, 23:31


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