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Qantas will fly 1M+ Australians to Dubai this year – is it safe for women?

Because Qantas and Emirates have done a deal that means Australians flying to Europe will stop – even if just in transit – in Dubai.

But as this Seven “Sunday Night” broadcast illustrates, it isn’t safe for women there. If raped, they could end up in jail for having sex outside marriage.

And it’s not safe if you intend to take cold and flu medicine with you either.


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  1. Also poppy seeds. They will put you in jail if their drug scanner finds even one stray poppy seed on your jumper.
    The Qantas board have a lot to answer for. Almost as bad as Rudd setting up a Ingeus shop in Saudi Arabia.

    Posted by poppycock | May 14, 2013, 15:02
  2. Joyce is a UK stooge sent here to destroy wantas to openthe way for British Airways because UK has no presence in Asian Century. They want British Airways to be the enflush speaking premium airline in the region. Dixon is a cadarverous old park dogger and Joyce his pooch.
    When will the media tell public about gay nepotism?

    Posted by Assange | May 16, 2013, 7:42
  3. “Life is hard; its harder when you’re stupid.” John Wayne….post stupid questions, expect stupid answers…so here we go cowboys

    A million australians flew through Qantas former hub Singapore..was it any safe for women?

    1. It is against the law and a public caning offense to not flush the toilet after using it.

    2. You Litter You Pay-Big Time

    3. Chewing gum sales forbidden

    4. Don’t walk around your house naked. In Singapore, pornography is illegal

    5. No hugging without permission.

    6. No poking adverse comments at religion

    7. Crooks go to jail.


    Although some of these laws have more to do with common sense, the Singapore government certainly has their own “special” way (to be read as fines and time spent in jail) to convince you not to do something. So here’s what some would call weird laws.

    1. It is against the law and a public caning offense to not flush the toilet after using it. Again, that’s common sense, but in Singapore you might be getting a large fine for that, too, as the police officers randomly check on public checkrooms.

    2. You Litter You Pay-Big Time. A litter law dating from 1968 is the country’s way of keeping clean. Disregard the law, drop trash on the ground in this Southeast Asian city, and you’ll pay $1,000. On top of that you’ll also be forced to do community forced labor. And if you do it three times, you’ll have to wear a “I am a litter lout” sign. Along the same lines, it looks like Singapore has a law saying that relieving yourself in an elevator is particularly forbidden.

    3. Chewing gum sales forbidden. if you had some garlic and on your way to a meeting or a date, you may be out of luck if you plan on having some chewing gum to get rid of the scent. Apparently Singapore prohibited the sale of gum after authorities have noticed a prolific amount of chewed gum being stuck in subway stations and on cars. As weird as it may sound, Singapore allows you to actually chew gum. Just make sure you stick it at the trash can, otherwise great fines apply.

    4. Don’t walk around your house naked. In Singapore, pornography is illegal, and anything to do with it may result in imprisonment or hefty fines. Along the same lines, the country thinks that nudity has to do with pornography, too, so better watch out carefully when you dress for bed — someone might see you. Also, make sure you don’t hand anyone a Playboy magazine. It’s the same.

    5. No hugging without permission. Haven’t seen your loved one for a long time, just make sure you’re not over affectionate when you guys meet in a public space as you could be charged for outraging modesty and end up in jail. If lucky it’s juts a fine.

    6. No poking adverse comments at religion. If you’re not really into God or you have your own deity to believe in, keep it to yourself as in Singapore it’s a highly serious matter and you can be cited for sedition.

    7. Crooks go to jail. Of course they do, it’s common sense, but here’s something weird to think of. Apparently, if you’re introducing a stranger as your good friend, speak well of him and it proves to be false, you’ll be convicted for abetment. Watch out who you endorse as you can’t fool these guys!

    8. Connecting on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots means hacking

    Posted by bob jane | May 28, 2013, 2:43
  4. Let’s do the arithmetic. If a million Australians pass through Dubai, and Dubai is a prison for women, then that means half a million Australian women in Dubai’s jails.

    I don’t think there would be enough jails in the whole city to accomodate them.

    Sometimes the absurd logic of the Australian press beggars belief.

    Posted by SAS | June 5, 2013, 0:05
  5. Better Dubai than Tel Aviv.

    Good point SASR.

    I like to spell gaol the British and Australian way but the media use the Yankee spelling jail.

    HM Gaol Pentridge was in Coburg. It should have remained open to lock up the criminal scum in a 19th century Dickensian blue stone building.

    They did not deserve a nicer gaol like that one housing that maggot former RMC Duntroon Staff Cadet Julian Knight.

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 5, 2013, 1:05
  6. Stitches Jackson, ‘criminal scum’? You mean all The Filth? Pentridge wouldn’t have been big enough.And, just to round out your day, Knight was kicked out by RMC and was raised by Whitlam-ite true believers, FYI.

    Posted by JakartaJaap | June 5, 2013, 12:43