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REVOLTING: Fabians throw down cardigans and pipes in anger over Thornley

The revulsion over Evan Thornley’s use and abuse of political office is spreading to the Fabian Society which has been bankrolled by the corpulent millionaire for a few years. People are resigning in protest prompted by their disgust over his pursuit of money over party loyalty.

The Fabian Society is a discussion group that has traditionally been aligned with Labor moderate forces that was essentially hijacked in the years leading to Evan Thornley’s forced preselection for the purposes of promoting their financier.

It will presumably be seeking a new direction now that Thornley has moved to a Better Place.


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  1. “2009 National Office Bearers
    Declaration of Poll

    I hereby declare that following the close of nominations Rodney Cavalier has been elected unopposed as National Chairperson and Evan Thornley has been elected unopposed as National Secretary for the Australian Fabians for the 2009 year.

    Helen Tierney
    Returning Officer

    30 January 2009”

    Posted by Bet R Place | February 13, 2009, 14:55