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Seriously, Mr Newman?

LNP leader Campbell Newman should be doing a high-five tour of Queensland given the expected result of the state election but he’s making a bit of a jackass of himself by:

Slamming Bob Carr for being parachuted into Parliament, when the LNP leader has served in that capacity without actually having a seat in Parliament with some prospect he won’t win, when he asked whether he was also being parachuted into Parliament, Mr Newman “sidestepped” the question. Was it not obvious he ought not lead with his chin on such an issue?;

■ Attacking Queensland conservative icon, former National Party Premier Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen as “corrupt” in Sir Joh’s home-town of Kingaroy, prompting howls of outrage from Katter Australia Party leader Bob Katter who accused the “Johnny-come-lately, little lightweight fella” of a “dirty, low filthy act” by “spitting on the grave of a man unable to defend himself.” Wow. Remind us not to cross Mr Katter. Newman’s position on Sir Joh is probably the correct view for St Lucia, Brisbane dinner parties. It is not a view a party leader should be publicly expressing of a predecessor, we think. The former Premier was charged with perjury, in a complex case, there was a hung jury. One of the jurors was then young National Party member Luke Shaw. The same Luke Shaw ably serving as the campaign director of the Katter Australia Party’s state campaign;

■ Repeatedly bungling questions of his financial disclosures in a way that has turned the supposedly Coalition-cheerleading News Limited papers into vehicles for strident criticism of him. Newman is almost certainly not dodgy but he’s acting like he is. He seems guilty of being precious also, not a useful quality in a political leader of a democracy, even if ageing Greens leader Bob Brown’s fantasy of a lefty-stacked national uber-media regulator came to pass;

It’s all very foolish stuff. Newman will win anyway but each act of stupidity will chip away at the thumping majority the polls show he’s on track to get.


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  1. I love it that Luke Shaw is Katter’s campaign director.

    This is Vexnews Gold again.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | March 4, 2012, 10:28


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