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FRIENDLY FIRE: Abbott’s failure to shoot feral Barnaby creates opportunity for Turnbull

With friends like Barnaby Joyce, Tony Abbott doesn't need enemies like Malcolm Turnbull.

TRIPLE TROUBLE: Suddenly, Angry Anderson doesn’t seem like such a good idea

Angry Anderson has joined the National party, hoping to get his bum on the leather seats of Club Fed. Our Nick Mack reveals that an Angry interview on Triple J on Sunday night shows he's going to be trouble with a capital T.

B-TEAM: Barnaby carpets Fin for mistaking trillions & billions

Lovable Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce has not only got over his occasional confusion over billions and trillions and has graduated to correcting similar errors committed by others.

BARNABY STRIKES AGAIN: The nation’s strangest media releases continue unabated

Barnaby Joyce’s brief shining moment as Australia’s alternate finance minister was fortunately not enough to discourage him from opining on financial issues.

He is against government debt “gross debt” and would like to spend more in ways he details. If …

A WRIGHT MESS: LNP star Hajnal Ban accused of misusing old man’s money

On Sunday VEXNEWS exclusively revealed Queensland LNP star federal candidate Hajnal Ban has a gravely serious problem relating to her financial relationship with an elderly mentor in a nursing home. Since then, events have moved quickly, with national and Queensland media following up our exclusive, with the LNP hierarchy quickly disendorsing her, ordering a new preselection and reportedly discouraging her from recontesting. Developing...


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