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THE GREEDIEST MAN IN AUSTRALIA: Billionaire retailer Sol Lew still crying poor, blaming internet shoppers

Solomon Lew has made a lot of money from selling cheap stuff from China at very high prices in shopping centres. But the billionaire still isn't happy and wants internet shopping slugged with a new tax that would cost more to collect than it would raise and would cause tremendous delivery delays for shoppers.

SUCK IT UP SOL: Lew’s illegally built pool meets heavy-duty concrete saw of justice

Solomon Lew has wasted millions on the incredibly dodgy exercise of illegally building a swimming pool on public land. The community has sorted him right out, deploying heavy-duty concrete saws, excavators and other impressive equipment to fill Lew's massive hole of deception on a hill.

AUSTRALIA’S RICHEST LOSER: Sol Lew’s threats of violence stun Lindsay Fox’s kids

It's been a while since we've had a Sol Lew story, our sources haven't disappointed.

“GREEDY OGRE”: Solomon Lew aptly described by his own $12K-a-day QC

Melbourne's most grotesque and vile bully-ionaire Solomon Lew is trying to get the Supreme Court to censor publication of embarrassing details of sham legal proceedings he's intitated to create a legal fiction that his kids are penniless to try defraud their ex-spouses. It's a blatant scam. It almost certainly won't work. And Sol Lew is asking a Victorian judge to limit the associated shame and embarrassment by censoring reporting of what goes down in open court. No wonder even Lew's own lawyer described him in court as a "greedy ogre."

LEW POOL SNAFU: Locals outraged over billionaire’s continued failure to return stolen public land

Melbourne's most infamous billionaire Solomon Lew stole public land to build a lavish swimming pool on a Mt Eliza property. It was spectacularly exposed by the Sunday Age last year. Despite Tribunal and council orders that the pool be demolished and the land be returned to the public, Lew has failed to comply with the law. Is there one law for him and another for the rest of us?

POOL OF INFINITE PLEASURES: Billionaire Solomon Lew risks jail by defying order to remove illegally built pool

Solomon Lew is defying the order of a local council, confirmed by Victoria's Building Appeals Board, that he remove his illegally constructed swimming pool, built on public land part of a nature reserve. If Lew continues, he and his daughter Jaki could end up in jail.

IF YOU DON’T MAKE DUST, YOU EAT IT: The Age copies VEXNEWS without attribution yet again

The Sunday Aged copies from VEXNEWS so often, we should send them an invoice. Perhaps we will.

POOL OF LEW: Billionaire’s bluff buys him time but no mercy from outraged locals

Billionaire Solomon Lew is attempting to pressure Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu into selling him the public land in Mt Eliza on which Lew illegally built a swimming pool. He's already succeeded in staying the demolition order for the pool. Will Lew get away with smashing a car-door in the face of Mt Eliza locals?

SORRY SOL: Premier Baillieu shuns Lew lunch after billionaire attacked son-in-law

The VEXNEWS Investigations Unit can reveal that Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has shunned an invitation to a luncheon today at violent billionaire Sol Lew's Toorak residence following VEXNEWS revelations he viciously attacked his ex-son-in-law, smashing a car-door in his face in the Crown Casino car-park. It is considered likely Lew will be charged with criminal offences relating to the disgraceful incident.

BULLY BILLIONAIRE: Solomon Lew brutally attacks ex-son-in-law outside Crown Casino

Notorious billionaire Solomon Lew - who made his money from Chinese imports - has attacked his ex-son-in-law in a brazen "Underbelly-style" criminal assault outside Crown Casino, one of his regular haunts.


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