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THOMSON SPEAKS: MP reminds that HSU officials Williamson and Jackson are under criminal investigation, not him

One pleasing aspect of former HSU national secretary and former Labor MP Craig Thomson’s departure from caucus to become an independent is that he’s able to answer some of the claims against him. If Fair Work Australia institutes civil proceedings against him, he’ll be vigorously defending them, he says and reminds those who might have lost track of the issue that it’s current HSU bosses Mike Williamson and Kathy Jackson who are currently under criminal investigation, not him.

In further Jackson news, reliable sources tell VEXNEWS that the HSU national secretary will be addressing the annual dinner of the traditionally anti-union HR Nicholls Society on June 12th in Melbourne. Mark it in your diaries now.

Thomson’s statement is below:

I maintain my innocence and deny any wrongdoing.

Any proceedings brought against me in respect of the findings in the report will be strenuously defended.

This whole investigation has been nothing short of a joke. It is unprecedented that an investigative body has such little confidence in its report that it seeks parliamentary privilege as a condition of the report’s release.

The CDPP has made it clear that there are no findings of a criminal nature in the report.

The Police have made it clear that there is nothing in the Fair Work Australia Report that is of a criminal nature.

I’m very glad the Police have seen it, because that is what I have always called for – for Police to be handed the Fair Work Australia Report.

The report is based on allegations – and that is all they are – that have not been tested by a court. These assertions are not based on proper evidence.

These allegations are burdened with claims by two people, Michael Williamson and Kathy Jackson, who are currently under criminal investigation.

The investigation conducted by the Fair Work Australia delegate was not authorised and the report is beyond the power of Fair Work Australia. The investigation was not properly conducted and crucial witnesses were not interviewed. The report indicates bias on behalf of the Fair Work Australia delegate and a lack of fairness.


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  1. FWA has not gone back far enough. Theyneed to look pre thomson

    Posted by White wash | May 7, 2012, 20:16
  2. While you idots are focussed on Fegan and the past your money is vanishing in legal fees, largesse and no service. When are you going to wake up and move forward?

    I have posted this comment as I don’t believe that there can be a report on this site that does not look back andmention Fegan other than this post.

    Posted by Moy Moy | May 7, 2012, 20:29
  3. Will this Federal Labor Government last long enough for Minister Short-of-breath to break the HSU East into small enough bits to give Dia na As mar and clear run?

    Will the plumbers and the AWU cough up again to run her campaign?

    Can outside influence fix HSU?

    Is ontrol of the new Vic HSU really so important for our Federal MPs?

    If Kathy Jackson losses Victorian fight does that mean Liberty Snager is washed up?

    Does this all mean NUW and AWU will never kiss and make up?

    Posted by LOOK AT MOI | May 8, 2012, 12:34
  4. No doubt Fair work will launch an investigation into other unions funding candidates in the HSU elections!

    Posted by Big Bill | May 8, 2012, 13:00
  5. Unfortunately the stage is set for some nasty union busting by an incoming Abbott government.
    Once again Labor as set the example for the Torries to follow, expect investigations and administrators etc.

    If Abbot is smart he will launch against labor lapdogs TWU and AWU and cut Conroy and Shorten down to size.

    If he is ideological he will launch against CFMEU and ETU…

    Posted by stage is set | May 8, 2012, 15:27
  6. Fast forward to a time in the near future. A battle field. Broken and bloodied corpses lie among the still smoking wreckage. Ragged trade union banners have been trodden into the stinking mud. Vote ALP brochures, half burnt and covered in gore, litter the landscape. A lone female figure stands imperiously among this devastation. She wears Bulgari ear rings, designer jeans and a smug smile. In one of her manicured hands she holds frequent flyer vouchers, a set of Volvo car keys and an envelope labelled ‘director’s fees for my fiduciary duties’. In the other she grips the bloodied head of an HSU official. She is watching the approach of the newly elected Prime Minister of Australia. He looks about him as he walks through the carnage, amazed, as if he can’t believe the Gods have been so good to him. Eventually stopping before the woman, he looks at her in admiration. ‘You did all this? I’m very impressed, Kathy.’ She nonchalantly tosses back her expensively styled mane. ‘It was nothing. It’s what I do.’ Abbott transfers his Work Choices legislation from one armpit to the other and looks around him again. ‘But why Kathy? Why would you do all of this?’ The question surprises her. She is momentarily lost for words. Then she puts down the severed head of the HSU official and reaches into her pocket and extracts a piece of paper as if refreshing her memory. Satisfied she returns the note to her pocket looks him in the eye, and says, ‘Isn’t it obvious? I did it for the members.’

    Posted by Sometime in the near future | April 21, 2012, 22:19

    So much foresight “somewhere in the near future”

    Let’s never forget SHE DID IT FOR THE MEMBERS!

    Posted by Anon | May 9, 2012, 12:31
  7. She did it to try and keep herself in a job, everyone knows the truth, that’s why the vic members dont want her (yet to face/win an election)pathetic uneducated fool riding on the coat tails of her latest victim….bye bye Kathy.

    Posted by Truth | May 10, 2012, 19:02


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