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ULTIMATE IRONY: Internet slagger Stephen Mayne threatens defamation action

MaynegamblingDisgraced former Manningham councillor Stephen Mayne sent an email to colleagues and council staff suggesting he had a “very strong compensation case based on all these allegations of criminality” that is – to use his words – “presuming I’m not in jail early next year.”

Yes, that’s a thinly veiled threat of a defamation action. He’s such a fibber. And while Mayne has spent plenty of time behind bars, it’s not likely the Local Government Act offences with which he could be charged would see him in jail any time soon.

Some might think his regular published attacks on his fellow councillors and his slag-sheet history at the left-wing email newsletter he founded (defrauding co-founders upon exit by pocketing the proceeds for himself) would discourage him from being an enthusiastic defamation client. He’s nothing if not a sanctimonious, hypocritical scumbag. Sue that, Stephen.

Mayne told colleagues he resigned in order to focus on his ailing bid for Melbourne City Council. Of course, there’s no legal requirement for him to resign at all before seeking election to the Melbourne council, he merely did it to avoid the scrutiny of the Councillor Conduct Panel of his behaviour widely seen by municipal observers as disgraceful and unprecedented in Manningham’s history. The panel will now not hear the charges against him although the Local Government inspectorate might examine the complaints of tender-rigging and conflict-of-interest against him.

The disgraced Mayne’s past frolics in politics have not seen him soar past the dizzying heights of 4% of the vote before, and lest we forget his appalling effort with the “People Power” party which managed to disintegrate under his leadership. Mayne has been very bitter with VEXNEWS (its predecessor publication) ever since we stunningly revealed the party leader was in fact (shock, horror) a secret property developer. So grave an allegation was this seen to be that he resigned that day.

Good times.

Stephen Mayne
03/08/2012 11:04 AM

“councillors@manningham.vic.gov.au” , EMT

resignation letter

Hi everyone, just a quick email to let you know I’ve resigned this
morning to focus on the Melbourne campaign, effective next Monday at 5pm.

If anyone’s interested there’s a 3300 word explanation here in the
resignation letter:

Presuming I’m not in jail early next year, I’ve been advised there is a
very strong compensation case based on all these allegations of criminality.

Looking forward to the Municipal Inspector determining the merits of the

Thanks for a memorable 4 years and look forward to staying in touch with
the sensible majority and Manningham’s fabulous management team.

Regards, Stephen Mayne


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  1. What a coward! Mayne said he was confident the panel would dismiss the charges yet he wasn’t brave enough to stick around to defend his reputation.
    The evidence was damming.
    At least the Inspectorate can still determine!
    Bon Voyage Stephen. Now you can sail off into the distance and disappear from public view.

    Posted by Horace | August 7, 2012, 8:11
  2. It is so sad the lengths that these people have gone to to attempt to discredit Mayne. The people we should be focusing on here are Reid, MacMillan and Downie, the three of them are a joke. Reid is always checking his phone in meetings, MacMillan falls asleep and seems befuddled by everything, and Downie is totally doggie focused. The three of them are totally unsuitable to be councilors.

    Posted by VexNewsWhatAJoke | August 7, 2012, 23:25
  3. There is no doggie at home with me let me tell you.

    Posted by Mrs Downie | August 7, 2012, 23:38
  4. Truth is if you stand up to a bully, he wilts under pressure. When Mayne was finally confronted by those he sough to bully and vilify, he didn’t have the guts to face a Councillor Conduct Panel, so in order to prevent this he resigned.
    His conduct in attempting to purse an innocent man to his grave, and leaving him in such poor health that he can no longer enjoy life tells more about Mayne than any words can describe.
    Reid, MacMillan and Downie are to be congratulated in finally standing up to this bully.
    Gough slagged Mayne behind his back but he didn’t have the guts to strand up to him, as did Mayne’s nominee for the World’s greatest CEO.
    LaVella blows hot and cold, depending on how much white wine she has drunk, and Ellis likes to electrocute dogs and allegedly dopes them as well.
    It is understood that formal complaints have been made about Breaches of Conflict by both Mayne and Ellis. That is where the real concern for Mayne lies, because if found guilty, he could be disbarred as a Councillor even if elected ton the City of Melbourne.
    Did Mayne attend meetings relating to the rezoning of the family home before finally declaring a conflict of interest – YES
    Did he consult a local real estate agent about what he should do about his property, – according to the agent – YES
    But don’t wait for Ted’s Government to move quickly. The first term of council will be under way and a state election immanent before they even get to thinking about it.

    Posted by The Insider | August 8, 2012, 15:35
  5. For two years, you played good cop and I played bad cop and it worked. In a final chapter of this sad saga, the bad cop is now being drawn into a destructive quagmire of deceitful mud-throwing. – Stephen Mayne

    Clearly this is an admission that Stephen has been engaged in destructive muckracking and deceitful activities, he is cleary well suited to he bad cop role

    Posted by The resignation of a bad cop | August 8, 2012, 15:50
  6. Rumour has it that Stephen Mayne is looking at securing funding from Gary Morgan for his bid to become a Melboure City Councillor. If he was serious he would stand for Lord Mayor.

    Posted by Goeff Morgan | August 8, 2012, 15:54
  7. Glad I no longer have to control the Mayniac. Ellis and La Vella are enough for any Mayor to tolerate

    Posted by G. Gough | August 10, 2012, 5:24
  8. Mayne had no defence. Amongst the documents tendered was a letter from his pin-up girl and now former Manningham CEO warning him that his conduct breached Councillor Conduct Guidelines. The letter also requested he desist from any such conduct in the future.
    Yes sure it would have all been struck out in the first hour of a hearing ?
    Pull the other one Mayne, it plays jingle bells

    Posted by I Want to be a Mayniac too | August 17, 2012, 15:24


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