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UNTHINKABLE: Rudd is a goner but will stay in Parliament!

Kevin Rudd is almost certain to be rolled as Prime Minister in a caucus ballot on Thursday morning.

It is anticipated among caucus members that Gillard will be running on a ticket with Treasurer Wayne Swan as Deputy.

Rudd’s press conference on Wednesday night made a number of pointed attacks on “factional leaders,” an approach that did remind us of Nathan Rees’s ungracious departure as NSW Premier. His references to lurching to the right and such bordered on the completely self-destructive and also looked like he was salting the earth for those following him.

That approach will do much to erode sympathy for a Labor moderate PM who was just recently riding so high in the polls.

Many caucus insiders believe Bill Shorten will be supported by the caucus if there’s a vacancy in the ministry in the event of Rudd’s departure.

There’ll be many tears tomorrow in the ALP on Thursday whatever the result.

It’s an unprecedented situation.

And a powerful reminder of the costs of swaggering and not listening. The price of policy self-indulgence. The danger of coasting.

Our sources say the result won’t even be close. They’d better hope they’re right. Either way, Kevin Rudd is fatally wounded.

UPDATE: While most of the Labor Right from across Australia will be supporting a change to Julia Gillard, VEXNEWS has learned that three Queensland “Old Guard” (the right faction of which Rudd is notionally a member) MPs will be supporting him being Bidgood, Neumann and Furner. Two other Queensland MPs, Chris Trevor and Jon Sullivan have been telling colleagues they’ll not re-contest their seats if Rudd is rolled, which could potentially be some bad press in Gillard’s first days as leader.

UPDATE: Caucus sources tell VEXNEWS that ALP National Secretariat private polling showed “diabolical” results for Rudd and that has played a crucial role in terrifying MPs out of support for a first-term Labor Prime Minister. “The punters have stopped listening to Rudd, and the results were getting worse each time.” Polling sent by ALP national secretary Karl Bitar was so devastating this week, sources say, that Rudd’s COS Alister Jordan ordered that it not be circulated to anyone in the government, including cabinet ministers.

THURSDAY UPDATE: As VEXNEWS reported last night, it won’t be close. Gillard will win comfortably with only her most committed of personal foes in the caucus refusing to support change. Those who are fond of Kevin Rudd will be hoping he summons everything he can to go out graciously. We suspect Labor people at least want to remember him fondly, they are a sentimental lot.

THURSDAY UPDATE: Expect an election very soon, Labor insiders say. Kevin Rudd will not be sticking around as the Member for Griffith. A by-election there isn’t really an option so there’ll be a federal poll very soon. Can you feel the drama? [VEXNEWS: Rudd quickly proved them wrong by indicating he’s staying on. Even more drama]

THURSDAY UPDATE: Kevin Rudd has apparently indicated that he won’t be contesting against Julia Gillard and that she will be elected unopposed.

THURSDAY UPDATE: It’s official. Kevin Rudd didn’t nominate for the leadership, with Julia Gillard elected unopposed and Wayne Swan – as VEXNEWS exclusively reported yesterday – elected as deputy leader.

THURSDAY UPDATE: And to add shock to surprise, Rudd in his valedictory remarks has indicated that he is willing to serve in any capacity he’s required (code for being a minister) and he will be staying in Parliament as the member for Griffith. What a classic.


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  1. Long live the Queen. Game on Tony.

    Posted by Lets rumble | June 24, 2010, 0:48
  2. God is punishing the ALP for Conroy’s satanic net filter.

    Posted by Epstein's Mother | June 24, 2010, 0:52
  3. If gillard wins, she will have to drink from a challice so poisoned that even Keating wouldn’t touch it. From communist to right backed villany, she would have even less credibility than abbott.
    Here’s hoping sanity prevails.

    Posted by Scotch x4 | June 24, 2010, 0:54
  4. it’s my only chance… lucky billy didn’t check the numbers, he was never any good at maths

    Posted by Feeney | June 24, 2010, 0:54
  5. I’d rather have Bill Shorten in front of me, than behind me. What an ungrateful backstabber!

    Posted by Go back to Tassie Bill | June 24, 2010, 1:03
  6. Too little too late for the ALP….bring on the Fed Election!!!

    Posted by Little Johnny | June 24, 2010, 1:06
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    Posted by Tweets that mention VEXNEWS 2010© | UNTHINKABLE: Rudd is a goner -- Topsy.com | June 24, 2010, 1:13
  8. The ALP is also a finished, unelectable rabble. ‘They just can’t govern’

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 1:14
  9. I hope shorten enjoys his brief time as a minister, it is back to the opposition benches come election time!

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 1:15
  10. i’m sorry i never thought that anyone would listen to a bunch of nutters like me, arbib and howes…

    Posted by Feeney | June 24, 2010, 1:18
  11. So its come to this.
    A female prime minister…an unmarried female prime minister…an unmarried childless female prime minister…an unmarried childless red-headed female prime minister…an unmarried childless red-headed prime minister who’s partner is a straight male hair-dresser.

    So cliche.

    Posted by jim | June 24, 2010, 1:20
  12. oh well Abbott, your ride on the wave was nice while it lasted. Bring on Gillard — hope the coalition have themselves comfortably set up for many many more years in opposition.

    Posted by Yani | June 24, 2010, 1:33
  13. Fear does not grow Australia as a community, it makes us sick in the stomach as individuals.
    ‘Jobs for the boys’ does not inspire motivation and demand for more and better quality education to improve Australia’s productive capacity and competitive edge, it breeds despair, bitterness and apathy.
    Lack of mature experienced and well-educated advisors does not produce positive policy outcomes and electoral win, it generates insulting sound bites, a disconnect with ordinary Australians and electorally damaging policy results.
    Ideologs and apparatchiks are passé
    Capitalism is not about workchoices, it’s about identifying and appropriately allocating the best resources to their highest and best use.
    Bring on Gillard and real change to and respect for work, people and the allocation of Australia’s precious resources.

    Posted by Gillard = hope | June 24, 2010, 2:01
  14. Gillard reminds us that politics is show business, for ugly people. And there is nothing uglier than stabbing one of the ALP’s finest performers in the back.

    Posted by Scotch x4 | June 24, 2010, 2:04
  15. Your dreaming Yani, Gillard will lead the ALP to electoral oblivion she is even less electable than Rudd. She has to appeal to the rest of the country not just ALP members and supporters

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 2:09
  16. On the bright side regardless of the result of the ballot at least the political careers of Jordan, Harris and Charlton are over. Apart from Rudd himself they are most to blame for the state the government finds themself in.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 2:12
  17. Will Gillard ‘marry’ her hairdresser boyfriend as Bligh did before the Qld election to shore up support in Qld?

    Posted by JD | June 24, 2010, 2:29
  18. How can a union bring down a PM?
    The facless men of the ALP have once again been raised from the grave that Gough put them into.
    Who said a Soufflé does not rise twice?

    Posted by candid | June 24, 2010, 5:55
  19. How UNAUSTRALIAN what Julia has done to Kevin so in part its all about her being a woman PM ! all about herself and NOT the national interest
    Julia you have blown your credibilty no one believes a word you say!
    Kevins loyal deputy yeah sure you are only loyal to one thing your own self advancement!
    Kevin Rudd is being kicked when he is down you didnt even give him a chance to ever bounce back
    One day Julia the knives may be out for you too!
    Julia you may have just brought the ALPs chances of winning at the next election down by a clear mile
    so where is your judgement you dont have any
    Julia went after Kim’s jugular and now Kevin,s too so who will she go after next!

    Posted by UNAUSTRALIAN | June 24, 2010, 6:15
  20. Pulling this move off is a masterstroke from Feeney… and will change the game in Canberra putting the ALP in with a much better chance for a second term.

    Posted by Mettle | June 24, 2010, 6:58
  21. Will K-Rudd become the next ghost of Mark Latham to haunt the Labor Party?

    Posted by The ghost of Mark Latham | June 24, 2010, 7:13
  22. But what about ME!

    Did everyone see my ad in the papers this week about fake Viagra. It was even better than the RSPT ads.

    I am an experienced public relations professional who can relate to young voters.

    Posted by Miles | June 24, 2010, 8:01
  23. This is historic stuff, but so was the stirring speech by that great patriot, Senator Stephen Conroy, during last night’s Adjournment Debate. His fearless expose’ of what happened during and after the George Brouwer Brimbank Inquisition merits attention. The actions of Lachlan McCulloch need to be investigated, as do Brouwer’s acquiescence or complicity. Hakki Suleyman and his family have been subjected to character and political assassination, and it is high time the public record was corrected. The Age’s role in this scurrilous affair was brilliantly articulated by the Senator. During his speech, Senator Conroy described Hakki Suleyman as a friend. He is also a friend of freedom and a crusader against tyranny.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 8:11
  24. Guys,

    If Gillard wins I’m outta here- don’t want to live in some Socialist Nirvana under Gillard.

    Posted by Packing my Bags. | June 24, 2010, 8:23
  25. Oh great, thanks to the Narcissistic Faction workers had better get ready for Abbott and Workchoices. Gillard is another Keneally, a puppet of the right and it is unbelievable that the likes of Arbib could bring this about.

    Posted by Medici | June 24, 2010, 9:18
  26. Gillard is unelectable. That Rudd is being dumped is madness.

    Posted by Anon | June 24, 2010, 9:59
  27. I like Kevin – he is a good Christian – unlike that awful atheist Julia – Kevin’s only problem was that he does not believe the Bible is the literal word of God.

    Posted by Mike Baird | June 24, 2010, 10:27
  28. Rudd is not contesting. Gillard is now PM – shame

    Posted by Anon | June 24, 2010, 10:28
  29. Rudd and Gillard: proof positive that two half-wits don’t make a whole wit So let me get this straight.Since Saturday we lost the rugby and cricket to England,and slinked out of the World Cup soccer. Then we defenestrated our PM in what would be described as a coup if it were in a banana republic.String ’em all up.

    Posted by Foucault. F | June 24, 2010, 10:29
  30. Breaking Story

    Gillard Full Forward for the Dogs!

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 10:33
  31. This is a big win for dogs like myself

    Posted by Baci | June 24, 2010, 10:48
  32. Julia suffers from the rudd disease, she is “soooo much smarter” than the rest of us. Just watch as she starts to let us know that over the next few months & loses control of her acerbic toungue. Can be very bitchy when she wants. A real turn off for punters that, especially women.

    Posted by cynic | June 24, 2010, 11:25
  33. Don’t let Jooolya foolya!

    Posted by joe | June 24, 2010, 11:39
  34. I have known Gillard for over 25 years and worked with her for 6 as a member of the ALP Branch executive in Carlton. She is very impressive and has the ability to cross bridges and factional support. She is without any doubt more then capable to secure a Labor second term.

    Her election to the leadership and Prime Minister of Australia is welcomed and will underpin and secure a number of ALP Federal seats not only in Victoria but accross Australia.

    Having attended the ALP State Conference last weekend there was ongoing discussion and broad support on the conference floor for Gillard.

    It also needs to be stated that Gillard did not seek to undermine Kevin Rudd and the change in leadership should not be seen as a power grab. Gillard has always placed the interest of the Labor Party ahead of faction and her own personal interests.

    He ascension to the PM position was enthusiastically been embraced and has already reinvigorated the ALP.

    Posted by Melbcity | June 24, 2010, 11:48
  35. I’m so disappointed in Labor. What a dysfunctional show they’re running.

    Posted by Ben | June 24, 2010, 12:04
  36. I would like to introduce the next PM of Australia, the PM in waiting: MR TONY ABBOTT.
    Abbott now has sealed his victory and for the ALP it is the beginning of the end.

    Posted by anon | June 24, 2010, 12:10
  37. This event will destroy the office the PM. The defenestration of Rudd will lead to a Presidential Style Republic system.

    Posted by SayItAintSo | June 24, 2010, 12:19
  38. Melbcity you only saw what your little mind wanted to see last Saturday, this without any doubt is the real beginning of the real end of the ALP.

    Posted by anon | June 24, 2010, 13:20
  39. Well, well, well, although I did not particularly like KRUDD, I have found this whole situation beyond disgusting. However, why I am I not suprised, the NSW right at their best and of course the evil Michael Williamson. This person, together with KJackson have ruined the Victorian HSU, changed rules, merged the branches, all without the vote of their members. Egomaniacs is not good enough for these scum. Cut up your labor membership, and vote either Greens or dummy

    Posted by Anon | June 24, 2010, 13:42
  40. A woman as our Queen, a woman as Governor General and now a woman as PM. Well done ladies. The ALP would have lost the election with Rudd as leader but I think Labour will win with Gillard as leader.

    Another interesting fact is that both leaders were born overseas; Gillard in Wales (UK) and Abbott in London (UK). If they were Americans they could not be President. Our Westminster system is superior to anything American.

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 24, 2010, 13:59
  41. My vote was locked into Liberal in spite of Abbott not being smart enough to just SHUT UP and let Rudd hang himself.

    Now its back onto the fence to see what the campaign brings. Im going to imagine the same is quite true of many middle voters. My circle of at-work-email friends who barely follow politics were applauding as one the end of “KRUDD the DUD”. Even the laborites who vote labor because their parents told them liberals are spawned in hell were turned off Kevin.

    PM Gillard = game on for 2010.

    Posted by mick | June 24, 2010, 14:29
  42. My ALP membership card has just been posted back to King Street and Little Shorten can shove it up his immoral arse. Never thought I would say it, but I can’t wait until I can vote for Abbott.

    Posted by anon | June 24, 2010, 15:12
  43. ALP website down due to ‘technical problems’ – probably overwhelmed with commenters disgusted at the union thrill-kill.

    Australians must now vote for Abbott to show that the people own democracy, not the unions.

    Posted by JD | June 24, 2010, 15:23
  44. Well done Albo,

    Numbers man supreme,

    Posted by Sarah | June 24, 2010, 15:26
  45. Gillard’s [performance in the Parliament and her press conference has been impressive. The Government has not lost a beat in pursuing its agenda of securing the wealth and health of the Australian electorate.

    He elevation to the Priministership has reinvigorated the ALLP and re focused attention on the issues that matter. The economy, jobs, environment, health, housing and education.

    The Rudd government was a record breaking reformist government and the Gillard Government will continue to move Australia forward. Focusing on the issues that count.

    The main issue being preventing the election of an Abbott Liberal Government.

    Posted by Go girl go | June 24, 2010, 15:49
  46. The main political activists concerned about the appointment of Julia Gillard to the position of Prime Minister is Bob Brown and the Greens.

    Support for the Greens will slump to below 10% as support for Labor will begin to rise.

    Posted by Green Machine | June 24, 2010, 15:53
  47. lindsay tanner not to recontest next election –

    Posted by sean | June 24, 2010, 16:25
  48. Melbourne is a left seat but Nick Reece is said to be pouncing on it.

    Will he ditch JB’s campaign for a fight with Adam Bandt?

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 16:46
  49. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the country.

    Posted by Patriot 3 | June 24, 2010, 16:48
  50. Yes Melbourne is a Left seat but the Right are owed big time for backing Julia in.

    Posted by tanner bomb shell | June 24, 2010, 16:58
  51. Federal member for melbourne has just announced his intention to not contest his seat at the next Federal election.

    Tanner in announcing his intentions has stressed that his decision is not related to the change in leadership and the election of Julia Gillard former President of the ALP Carlton Branch executive.

    Deals have already been cut to preselect his replacement with Andrew Giles expected to be his replacement.

    Andrew Giles is a sharp negotiator and factional leader in the Melbourne Left

    Posted by Melbcity | June 24, 2010, 17:04
  52. Did Kevin07 watch the Socceroos last night as PM?

    I wonder if the RAAF VIP fleet fight crews will be cracking open a bottle of bubble today too

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 24, 2010, 17:35
  53. The ALP are now totally fucked, losing Tanner is like loosing your knackers!!

    Posted by anon | June 24, 2010, 18:07
  54. Don’t worry Kev I know how you must feel. From the very pinnacle of a political career to a feather duster in one ‘fowl’ swoop. That Munt thing did it to me mate. You will need to find another way to stroke your ego. Why don’t you join me next Wednesday night with Wenchy? I am sure she won’t mind.

    Posted by Boofa Leigh | June 24, 2010, 18:36
  55. Perhaps Kevin can sit with his mate Mad Mal on the cross benches.

    Posted by AJ | June 24, 2010, 19:10
  56. I am of the view that Rudd was a good Prime Minister but equally supportive and convinced that Julia Gillard will do as equally as well if not better. Australia is a parliamentary democracy and the team is just as important as its captain. Labor has the team that can deliver the best outcome.
    The alternative Abbott government scares me much more. If Gillard can assist in keeping Abbott out of office then she will have my full support

    Posted by Mad Dog Forward | June 24, 2010, 20:21
  57. Watch your back Julia, Shorten, Feeney and Arbib will be after you next!

    Posted by Anonymous | June 24, 2010, 21:09
  58. does the lemon now become an orange?

    Posted by lord snooty | June 24, 2010, 21:30
  59. Gillard said a good government was going off track and she had to get it back on track really so Gillard you must have been ASLEEP
    see you were number two in this government for almost three years why did it take you so long to wake up!
    so admit it you have an agressive lust for power you wanted to be PM for a long time you have knifed Kevin Rudd there was no need to boot Rudd as there was no guarantee you will ever do any better
    you con job has flunked you will lose government ALP are no better off with you you should have refused to run you are a disloyal person who acted AGAINST the national interst in deposing a hard working PM!
    now you have the fall of Kevin Rudd on your hands
    not good enough its a bad way to start as a PM
    what has happened today has dragged the Gillard ALP brand through the mud! mud wrestling with peoples lives is not on!

    Posted by MUD wrestling | June 24, 2010, 21:35
  60. Disgusting really, now that it two female puppets being operated by the NSW Right. You have to seriously question how the likes of Arbib can pull this off. First, the NSW ALP heavy Rudd to scrap the ETS because of concern in NSW over the flow on effect to electricity prices, then when the issue causes a tank in the polls they blame Rudd. Then we have the NSW ALP polling in NSW and getting shocking results, they fail to acknowledge that it is the hatred of voters toward the NSW ALP that has spilt over into the federal sphere. The NSW ALP has so completely destroyed the ALP brand, this was reflected in the poll results done by the very people who caused the problem. Then they blame that on Kevin Rudd, yeah ok, that all works. The NSW Right are f*cking sociopaths, and they will pay for this. Just check out the straw polls on the NSW newspaper sites over 10’000 responses and 70%+ saying they will vote for Abbott. I was not a Rudd fan but this move is just disgusting and as I lifelong ALP voter, they have lost me.

    Posted by Medici | June 24, 2010, 21:36
  61. What did you say Jim, A straight Hairdresser, they say he is as straight as she is, I say what, who knows?

    Posted by Vex Fan | June 24, 2010, 22:02
  62. It will make no difference who is in charge of the Titanic or swapping the “Newspoll” stokers in the engine room for duller than dull left, right or in the middle “Unionist” stokers …….. Bring It On …………….

    Posted by Marcus | June 24, 2010, 22:15
  63. I have it on good authority that the gold lettering on the door of the PM’s office is to be changed to read:

    “Proi Minsta”

    Posted by Henry Higgins | June 25, 2010, 0:07
  64. Now that Rudd has been thrown overboard by shipmates Shorten and Feeney and the Welsh maid appointed Captain will the ship ‘ALP enterprise’ be able to steer away from The rocks and into a safe harbor free from Cyclone Abbott before the election hits ?

    Posted by Bligh | June 25, 2010, 0:09
  65. Even if beyond my cynicism that she really does like the cock, there is no way she’s getting it from that hairdressing guy she hangs out with…

    Posted by Black Flag | June 25, 2010, 0:17
  66. Hey Black Flag/ Blackmambo/ Black Assole, whoever you are, mind your own business! Go back to your pathetic, bleak suburban life. Don’t worry about Julia. Just go somewhere quiet and fuck yourself!

    Posted by Auto-fellatio | June 25, 2010, 0:48
  67. Black Flag, he does have a name: The First Fruit.

    Posted by jim | June 25, 2010, 2:59
  68. The problem in all of this is that the NSW Right morons, Arbib and Bitar have yet again avoided being exposed as two people who have little skill. They use party polling, their place as party officials, not to win elections but to deter attention away from their own shortcomings.

    The other story out of all of this is the useless talent pool at the ALP National Sectretariat. Many punters have described this NSW dominated office as a campaign unit that could not beat a bunch of 20 year olds at a campus ballot. Hell, they all still use the same campaign techniques that many moved on from in the 1990s.

    You only have to speak to marginal seat members for 5 seconds to hear their total distain for this mob.

    How much money has Bitar raised?
    How many elections have they won?
    When was the last time you saw a great and creative campaign add or idea from them?
    When was the last time they used polling to inspire good ideas rather then big note themselves on the hill or talk down on an MP or simply hide the fact they have no idea?

    Someone should do a poll amongst Labor marginal seat members and see how many in fact rate these guys?

    Posted by Dr truth | June 25, 2010, 8:25
  69. I know a bit about blubber and Wales and glad to see both back in the news.

    Posted by Sea Shepherd. | June 25, 2010, 11:33
  70. What can I say? The mad Monk and the Dumb Blond should Be afraid, very very afraid.

    Posted by Argus Tuft | June 25, 2010, 13:00
  71. First the Liberal Party attempted self-immolation with the Turnbull/Hockey/Abbott shoot-out. Now the Labor Party do the same. It bemoans me to think the political leadership in this country can be so bad.

    At least you know how they operate:
    Liberal Party = gun fight.
    Labor Party = knife fight.

    Posted by The Truth | June 25, 2010, 14:22
  72. Swan was the real Judas in the whole act.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 25, 2010, 15:19
  73. If everyone votes for independents… it just becomes a hung parliament yeah?

    Posted by Admonkeystrator | June 25, 2010, 15:23
  74. Julia is not smart, is not popular and is not going to be around very long. The signs are there already, despite the medias best attempts to make this seem like a good thing, polling shows how hostile the vast majority of Australians are to the ALP and anyone that was a member of the Rudd cabinet. Pathetic, desperate and it looks like it too. Aside from promising to have the unions exterminated and their assets nationalised she will continue to fall in poll after tragic poll unless she can somehow convince people that the ALP are no longer socialists. Its not really just her and Rudd and the ALP but the fact that the political philosophy of socialism is becoming extinct in all areas of modern life, people are seing it for the self serving thievery it is and have been turned off most especially by the calibre of person it keeps pushing for parliament. Corrupt retards with no spine(excepting Tanner and Faulkner). Paul Howes and Gillard both spring to mind, neither have worked nor even been in a position where their abilities are scrutinised by people who aren’t payrolled or illiterate. Ask anyone, outside of the Special Ed. class that is the ALP, how well Gillard did as education minister and they will tell you she didn’t just suck but sucked real bad. They won’t forget and they won’t be fooled by her femininity, she’s just another cheap crappy union made product of the ALP that comes with a multibillion dollar price tag.

    Posted by Simon | June 25, 2010, 18:02
  75. How long will Joolia survive with lowlife Shifty Shorten behind her?

    Posted by anon | June 25, 2010, 20:51
  76. Youtube ” Gillard Abbott “. Abbott is going to end up a spayed old labrador, and he knows it.

    Posted by Fascinating | June 25, 2010, 23:00
  77. Nick Reece would have to be one of the most inept State Secretaries Labor has ever appointed. Bring back Steve. If Reece was ever considered for the seat of Melbourne the ALP would loose. Do not be giled into a dud. It is time for a true plebiscite not backroom deals.

    Posted by Nick-Off | June 26, 2010, 7:02
  78. Seeing Gillard and the Governor together was a Shorten moment. Both have been positioned by Bill one to office and the other’s sibling

    Posted by The Nod position | June 26, 2010, 7:07
  79. Why isn’t anyone talking about me for Melbourne? I am a political paraquat, and I am good at taking directions from the ladies. Bow down and pay homage you proletariat scum to the power of the hat.

    Posted by Conrad's hat | June 26, 2010, 13:19
  80. Gillard is gone- Shorten will oust her ( or Gumby!)VERY SOON ( less than 6 months in office )

    She’s just a post turtle…a look into the near future…

    “You know she didn’t get up there by herself, she doesn’t belong up there, she doesn’t know what to do while she’s up there, and you just wonder what kind of dumb buggers put her up there to begin with.”

    Posted by krys | June 27, 2010, 16:10
  81. Shorten’s ego knows no bounds, he is a dishonourable snake, politically, professionally and personaly. The quicker he gets what he wants (prime front bench position) the sooner people will see his true colours…

    Posted by Anonymous | June 27, 2010, 18:31


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