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REIGN OF ERROR: Royce Millar’s shoddy writing unmasked

The Age's Royce Millar's poor quality and sloppy writing has been revealed by the printing of an unedited part of an article in today's country edition of the troubled left-wing newspaper.

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Royce Millar’s privacy invaded

Share the love with Royce Millar.

DROP-KICK: The Age’s Royce Millar "reveals" solar energy plant but we reveal his "investigation" was just cut & paste

The Age Investigations Unit once falsely accused Kerry Packer of being a heroin trafficker. Oops. Now this unit - more a target of fun than fear these days - is cutting and pasting embargoed state government press releases and presenting them as their work. When you're in the gutter, and going lower, doesn't that leave you in the sewer?

NASTY: Royce Millar’s vicious attack on do-gooders highlights his own conflicts of interest

The Age's Royce Millar takes a very one-eyed approach to his reporting, critics say. He's even let his agenda lead him to accuse a highly regarded Geelong charity of acting dishonestly.

THE AGE HACKING SCANDAL: Journalist-hackers from The Age set to confess their alleged crimes in plea-bargain

When The Age hackers were first accused of hacking offences, they denied it. Then they claimed it was in the 'public interest' and would be fighting it all the way when they were charged by prosecutors. Now, as their day of justice draws closer, the hackers now seem ready to confess their alleged crimes in a desperate bid to avoid jail.

THE AGE HACKING SCANDAL: The Age’s criminal defendants disrespect court with “no-show”

Charged with crimes that could get them two years imprisonment, three arrogant Fairfax journos and a senior Greensparty operative and state government bureaucrat didn't bother attending the Melbourne Magistrates Court for the first hearing Thursday.

GREENSPARTY’S WATERGATE: Hip and cool WikiLeaks party set to swoop on ethically challenged Greensparty

Criminal charges for a senior Greensparty honcho, Fraser Brindley, over the illegal penetration of a rival political party's computers, will make it very difficult indeed for the party to pretend it's the moral superior of other parties. With looming threats like the WikiLeaks party set to pick at their carcass after three years of being closely connected with an unpopular federal Labor government, things aren't looking good for once idealistic enviro-party in the post Bob Brown era.

CHARGED: Three Age journos and prominent Greensparty boss charged over VEXNEWS Herald Sun hacking revelations

Three Age journos and Greensparty honcho Fraser Brindley have been criminally charged with hacking the ALP's voter database. Please keep your amusement in the comments to a dignified and judicially restrained minimum and note the four are entitled to the presumption of innocence, even here.

WHAT A WICKED WEB THEY FORGE: The Age shamed over use of forged email in smear on MP

The Age has embarrassed itself beyond all normal measure by relying on a forged email to smear a Victorian Liberal MP.

CAN THEY HACK IT? Victoria Police refer Age hacking evidence to federal prosecutors

While the wheels of justice in white-collar crime turn slowly, it really does seem The Age Three (Royce Millar, Nick McKenzie and Ben Schneiders) are in all sorts of hot water after Victoria Police referred evidence of their allegedly cyber-criminal activities to federal prosecutors. Many believe The Age's hacking scandal could be just as ugly for the newspaper as the UK tabloid hacking scandals that have seen some of Britain's media elite on trial for serious crimes.