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Backlash against “rigged” local government referendum grows #auspol

Tim Wilson from the IPA speaks for many worried about the integrity of the local government constitutional referendum, where the Yes case will receive $10M+ of taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ funds while the No case will only get $500K.

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  1. Tim Wilson speaks for no one unless they are Rupert Murdoch supporters and Murdoch is not even Australian.
    Is Tim Wilson an Australian and can he prove it, he has a voice simply because he is useful to the Liberal movement and for no other reason.
    I would call Tim Wilson a waste of space and who does pay for his unrepresentative rants:(

    Posted by Geoffrey Payne | June 19, 2013, 11:20
  2. The best thing to vote YES as the States are the most useless part of Australia. Why do we need States? They cost heaps with nothing to show. A referendum to get reed of the States is urgently required, only the Pigs running them will squeal like mad.

    Posted by no hoper | June 19, 2013, 15:03
  3. Chris Berg is a female masquerading as a male, just like Kevin ‘Workfare’ Rudd.
    Tim Wilson looks like the love child of Malcolm Turnbull.

    Posted by fucking retards | June 19, 2013, 20:16
  4. The local government referendum is a waste of money, as it will fail, and it is also unnecessary as local government is a arm of the states.

    We don’t need more federal powers we need less. The commonwealth constitution says that Canberra is responsible for defence, foreign affairs and trade. These are big ticket matters both in cost and manpower.

    The states are responsible for 3 big ticket items too they being health, education and police.

    The over lap by the commonwealth into states right is inefficient, manpower intensive (duplicated departments) and confusing.

    Other issues are that we don’t need national parks when state parks will do and we don’t need 12 Senators per state when 6 will do as in 1901.

    The states should collect income tax and give the commonwealth a part of it. After all the states created the commonwealth so they don’t need to pander to a hick provincial city in central NSW that is mostly out of touch with the rest of Australia on most things.

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 19, 2013, 20:28
  5. Local councils are funding the YES campaign with ratepayers funds. In my council Port Phillip $40,000 has been allocated even though it was not on the budget for 2013/14.

    I also understand the federal government is to fund the YES campaign with our taxes too.

    This action will ensure the referendum will fail as voters will be suspicious as we should be given balanced information for both sides of the debate – both YES and NO.

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 19, 2013, 20:35
  6. This referendum is simply to allow the Federal government to do what it is already doing, providing funding for thousands of pools, libraries, park, roads and sporting fields that are owned by councils but paid for in part with direct federal grants.

    A YES vote will take away the High Court declaring unconstitutional the “Roads to Recovery” program announced by John Howard in March 2001, and nobody really wants even higher council rates because money can’t come direct to Councils.

    Posted by Steve Harrison | June 19, 2013, 21:37
  7. The Adrian Jackson at 19 Jun 13, 23:05 is an imposter.

    If federal governments have been breaking the law by not transferring funds to the states directly then the federal parliament is full of idiots.

    This is further proof that they deserve little respect and no more power.

    Posted by Adrian Jackson | June 20, 2013, 1:14
  8. Adrian Jackson (June 19 at 23.06) is such a wise and well-travelled man. He’s “spot on” actually; a ‘well-travelled and educated tongue’ is hard to beat. While going ‘Round The World’ is always a pleasure – this kind of ‘travelling’ at least ‘broadens the mind’ delightfully. After all; isn’t ‘knowledge’ supposed to equate with ‘wisdom’?
    And a giant ho-ho to that too.

    Posted by 'Old Timer'. | June 20, 2013, 4:39
  9. So sorry to appear impertinent; I’m told in a fone call that One should address Mr Jackson as “Captain Jackson”. Apologies dear chap; I didn’t know that you had military training and values.

    Posted by 'Old Timer'. | June 20, 2013, 5:47
  10. Who is thet guy Oldtimmer. how dare he go against good dlpp rules and talk that crpp. sick and perrvorted it is. Bring Back Frank – he wood fix them up

    DLP forevver

    Posted by 'Old Timer'. | June 20, 2013, 5:53
  11. I will be voting No to the referendum question. I voted No last time as well. I was too young to vote No the first time Whitlam tried it.

    I find Local Government to be infested with meddlesome albeit well-meaning nanny-staters who lack any clarifying political ideology to temper their propensity to be “helpful” by extorting money from the rate-payers to spend on pet projects that should be left to the volunteer sector or private benefactors.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | June 26, 2013, 0:28
  12. Like no hoper I believe that the states should be abolished.

    There should only be two governments; the Federal government, and local government. Giving greater power to local government, will ensure greater power is given into the hands of the people. And that is real democracy.

    Posted by Ariel | July 2, 2013, 9:43


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