5 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring a CPA

 5 Things to Keep In Mind Before Hiring a CPA

The requirement of a CPA differs from company to company. This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of job! Few business people hire CPAs to manage taxation policies only. You can use keywords like Miami CPA Firm to understand what exactly you want from a CPA.

The following things should be kept in mind before you hire a CPA:

  • Communication Skills

As a CPA, he or she will have to collaborate with multiple people within and outside the company. It is not possible for all to understand the same language or technicalities. External clients have a different approach towards how things are communicated as most of the time communication is done on calls or emails. A CPA must know the level of understanding of each client to avoid any discrepancy in thoughts and decisions later. 

  • Accounting Terminology

Certification and resume` of a candidate will not prove the efficiency of a good CPA. You must know his awareness related to accounting terminologies. Take an entrance test related to tax laws, accounting methods, and other things that your company wishes to keep him for. You will take a decision only on the basis of an entrance test. If he scores well, your decision to hire him as a CPA will never be regretted.

  • Absolute Attention to Detail

A CPA’s task is to deal with the numbers. A small error can lead to a major loss or account discrepancy. This can further result in defective audits and non-compliance. Any non-compliance can lead to losing the credibility of your business in the market. Hence, it is crucial that a CPA must pay a good deal of attention to the books of accounts.

  • Qualification and Experience

Qualification proves a CPA’s worth in a company and his experience proves his credibility in the market. A qualified CPA is one who has completed his certification. An experienced CPA knows his job well and has the kind of experience you are looking for to deal with a major client base. It is his experience that will help resolve a problem immediately.

  • Business Ethics

 You will hire a CPA only when you are assured of a few ethics he follows in his career. Business accounts deal with massive numbers and there are competitors at every nook and corner who are waiting to play games with those numbers. It is the ethics of a CPA that develops trust in him or her. Use words like Miami CPA Firm to obtain more knowledge in hiring a CPA. 

Robert Desauza