4 Things You Need to Pack for Your End of Summer Staycation

 4 Things You Need to Pack for Your End of Summer Staycation

Summer is not yet over, and there is still time to go on a fun staycation. Whether it’s a long road trip to a coastal town or a train ride to a city closer to home, you still have time to enjoy the warmer months before autumn arrives. When it comes to end of summer breaks, one major thing to consider is what you need to pack. Before going away, it is wise to do some research about your chosen destination and find out what the climate will be like before you set off. This crucial information will help you pack properly. No matter the weather, here are a few things you should have for your end-of-summer staycation.

Something for the Journey

If you’re going on holiday to a UK location, chances are you will be planning a road trip with multiple stops or taking the train. When it comes to road trips, make sure you create a light-hearted playlist to get you through the journey. A good book is great for both train journeys and short breaks in-between driving, while no-fuss snacks are always a smart choice. Think packaged sweets that don’t melt, energy bars, and dried fruit. A flask of coffee or tea can go a long way, too. If you’re traveling with young kids, do everyone a favor and pack entertainment for them as well. Whether it’s a selection of compact toys, a coloring book, or a tablet, keeping them occupied during the ride will help keep everyone calm, collected, and in a good mood when they arrive at the destination.

The Right Footwear

A holiday essential, no matter where you go, is comfortable footwear. Sandals are great for coastal getaways, wellies are essential for visits to the country, and trainers are perfect for city breaks. It is a good idea to pack two pairs of footwear. This will cover you if your primary pair begins to hurt your feet or if you find yourself doing something that requires a different style of shoe. Before your trip, try to break in new shoes to avoid starting your holiday off with blisters and sore feet.

Rain Protection

The UK is notorious for its unpredictable weather. Even if clear skies and sunny conditions are forecasted, you should always be prepared for some light rain. A small umbrella that can be stowed away in your bag is a must, while a packable, lightweight rain poncho can help keep more of your body dry. If you know there will definitely be some rain on the horizon, pack a stylish rain jacket like the one available from Froxx. Froxx is an independent retailer that stocks plus size clothing. They have a lovely selection of clothes that are perfect for different types of holidays.


The sun might be a welcome part of a holiday, but too much exposure can be bad for your health. Whether you expect sunny conditions or not, a small bottle of sunscreen can help protect you from harmful UV and UB rays. Choose a product that has at least 4-star UVA protection and an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30.

Robert Desauza