5 Best Options TO Recruit the Right Accountant

 5 Best Options TO Recruit the Right Accountant

Even if all Belgian companies must keep accounts (simplified for some of them), the use of an accountant is not an obligation provided for by the jurisdiction in Belgium. However, in some cases, the company will choose to delegate its accounting by calling on a professional. Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing your chartered accountant in Belgium. Here are the 5 best rated ideas for choosing the right accountant Here.

  1. Check the legal information of the accountant

In order not to waste time in its research, the company which is established in Belgium must have a first reflex: check that the accountant or the chartered accountant that it has identified is well qualified for this profession and that he exercises in the rules.

  1. In Belgium, professionals in this sector of activity must:

Be attached to an official institute: the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Fiscal Consultants (ICE) for accountants or the Professional Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Experts (IPCF) for accountants;

  • Hold a specific diploma, certificate or title;
  • Ensure their professional activity by an insurance contract;
  • Respect the rules of ethics developed by the Professional Institute.
  1. Find out about the type of clientele of the accountant

Even if this is not mandatory, it is generally more coherent for the company to choose a chartered accountant firm specializing in a type of client and in a sector of activity.

If he is specialized, the professional will know how to best advise the company for which he is working. He will know his sector of activity perfectly as well as the specific regulations which result from it. It will also be able to more easily determine the accounting obligations of the company.

  1. Determine the services offered

Establishment of the company’s annual accounts, accounting reviews or even tax declarations, the accountant can offer a multitude of services to companies.

To choose the right accountant, the company must therefore take a precise account of its needs, present and future! The aim is to ensure that the selected professional can provide the right services at the right time (for example, in the event of hiring employees).

To do this, do not hesitate to contact him directly and explain the project and the prospects for development.

  1. Favor geographical proximity

For financial reasons, companies today may be tempted to choose an accountant online. The latter carries out his missions remotely, without going to the premises.

However, in some cases, geographic proximity is a very important criterion to take into account. Indeed, we must not lose sight of the fact that the accountant is one of the most important partners of a company.

In the event of a specific problem or emergency, the company will prefer to have a physical meeting quickly and easily with its accountant. This geographical proximity is more reassuring than an accounting firm, even excellent but located abroad.

Last Word

Finally, the company must above all not neglect the human factor in its research. As a strategic partner, the accountant must beresponsive to changes in regulations, available and attentive to his clients. Trust and respect are also the basis of a lasting and quality relationship.

To assess these rather subjective criteria, the company therefore has every interest in making an appointment and meeting physically with its interlocutor. To make the right choice, she can also take into account recent customer testimonials.

Paul Watson