5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing T Shirt For Printing

There is no better way to promote your business than by letting your employees wear corporate uniforms! An employee wearing a t shirt with the printing design of your brand in Singapore can attract a lot of attention. Just imagine how much exposure it will be if all of your employees wear the same thing?

That’s a lot of exposure, especially if they’re wearing corporate uniforms every day. To guarantee your employees will promote your brand effectively, here are sometee shirt printing mistakes to avoid in Singapore!

1. Go For Low-Quality Fabric

The quality of the fabric material can highly affect the output of your corporate uniforms. If you choose low-quality fabric, you should expect them to be uncomfortable to wear and have rough printing.

2. Choose The Wrong Placement

When you meet someone for the first time, you will look at them in the eye, not on their stomach. That is why you should ask the express t shirt printing company in Singapore to print your logo on the chest area.

3. Submit A Low-Resolution File

A low-resolution file can lead to poor quality printing. If you want the instant t shirt  printing company in Singapore to print and produce your corporate uniforms well, you should submit a high-quality resolution. To know the dimension, ask them ahead of time.   

4. Wrong Colour Combination

Another mistake you should avoid is matching the wrong colours. If you do so, no one will be able to see the logo or your tagline on your corporate uniforms. 

5. Failure to Set a Budget

Every tee shirt printing company in Singapore has minimum order requirements. If you do not consider that, you might exceed the amount you can afford for your corporate uniforms. 

Are you looking for the same day t shirt printing for your corporate uniforms in Singapore? Just go to Express Printing and describe to them what you want for your corporate uniforms, either through email or phone call. 

Danny White