5 Things a Divorce Paralegal Can Do For You

 5 Things a Divorce Paralegal Can Do For You

Before starting, let us first find out who is a paralegal. A paralegal acts as an assistant to an attorney or a lawyer. Paralegals work under the supervision of their employer. They have to prepare for the meeting with clients, corporate meetings, hearings, and trials. They are also responsible for client coordination. They collect data, analyze them, and gives the list of information to the attorney who uses their briefs for the case.

A divorce paralegal is typically an assistant to a divorce lawyer. Whether to hire a lawyer or paralegal will depend on the circumstance of the case. You can hire a divorce paralegal when all the following requirements are meeting.

  • It should be a divorce with mutual consent.
  • There should not be any child involved.
  • There is no financial obligation to be met mutually by both parties.
  • There should be no property distribution issues.

If the above circumstances are meeting, you can consider hiring a divorce paralegal in place of a divorce lawyer. Now before hiring a divorce paralegal, one should be aware of few points regarding the selection of paralegal.

  • A divorce paralegal should be well-qualified.
  • A divorce paralegal should be presentable.
  • A divorce paralegal’s office should be very well-organized.
  • He should have a good report with his fellow worker.
  • He should have good work experience.
  • He should be a registered divorce paralegal with the government.
  • He should promptly reply to all calls and emails of his clients.

Filing for divorce on your own is a cumbersome job. On the other hand, hiring a divorce lawyer is very expensive. Hiring a divorce paralegal is a mid-way which is very cost-effective when compared with the attorney fees.    

5 Things a Divorce Paralegal can do for you

Following are the functions performed by a Divorce Paralegal

1.Filing a legal petition – A divorce paralegal can properly file an application or petition of divorce in front of the concerned court of law.

2.Necessary documents – A divorce paralegal would know all the necessary documents to be presented before the court of law. It would make the procedure smooth and would save time.

3.Necessary evidence – For a divorce, few pieces of evidence are required, for example, the evidence of staying separately or evidence of failed attempt of reconciliation. A divorce paralegal would collect this evidence properly and present it before the court of justice.

4.Preparation of oath – A divorce paralegal can guide his clients about taking an oath in front of the court about the divorce.

5.A reminder of dates – A divorce paralegal is responsible for reminding all the necessary dates to his clients to make sure that they are available on the requisite dates. It would ensure smooth proceedings for the trial.

Hiring a divorce paralegal helps in smoothing the painful procedure of divorce plus reduces the agony of separation.

Paul Petersen