5 ways Entrepreneurs manage a fitness regime at work

 5 ways Entrepreneurs manage a fitness regime at work

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Living a life an entrepreneur can be quite thrilling and glamorous, but the amount of energy and spirit it demands can be very knackering and leave us exhausted, sometimes adversely affecting health. Sometimes, amidst all the meetings and tight deadlines even enjoying a peaceful dinner can be a luxury. As the old saying goes, “health is wealth” no amount of money can make up for the health once it starts to deteriorate owing to a stressful and hectic lifestyle.

Hence it is very important to keep a check on our health while pursuing our dreams by striking the right balance between work and fitness. For example, we can take Michael Bloomberg, 74 – CEO of Bloomberg LP; Former NYC Mayor. Who Plays golf, Runs for nearly an hour every day on a treadmill. Limits unhealthy takeout lunches, eats a lot of salads and snacks on popcorn.

So here are 5 effective ways to manage a fitness regime at work as an entrepreneur.

Create a Reasonable Schedule:

Carving out an ideal schedule that fits the business and personal needs can be a bit tricky. But once we get it right, we know the specific business hours and we can stick to them. We must make a schedule such that it has the right amount of breaks for our own space and recreation. And the breaking of the schedule hours must be only considered when it’s necessary.

Incorporating all of these factors can play an instrumental role in helping with a schedule that will keep in harmony personal life and professional as well as maintaining a healthy fitness regime.

Schedule Time to Workout:

Staying fit is the key to improve overall health as well as achieve the goals. As it is a proven fact that a healthy and fit person can perform better with more productivity and efficiency. Hence we must focus on keeping a part of a day daily for workouts either before or after work.

We can plan our workout and Target all muscle groups evenly or go one step ahead and hire a Personal trainer. Which will help us with setting up weekly goals and achieving them? We can also ask our trainer to guide us on exercises we can perform in a hotel room in case if we are traveling for business.

Establishing and maintaining a balanced working out schedule will provide us with energy to Kickstart day with more focus and energy as well as beat the stress after the work.

Keep your Schedule while Traveling:

Entrepreneurship is a profession that often demands extensive traveling, jetlag hence becomes a reoccurring feature of routine. Jetlag can make it difficult to follow our normal daily routine. But while traveling we must try to keep the Schedule which we follow at home and also seek options for a workout at hotels so we can get the most out of it and do not miss on it.

For instance, we can take Ali Ghani who is an entrepreneur and startup investor with a portfolio that encompasses the Calgary and greater Alberta. In his spare time, Ali Ghani enjoys working out, running, and traveling.

Eat a Balanced Diet:

It’s a known fact that only half of fitness and wellness revolves around working out and going to the gym. The other half comes from what we eat. It is, therefore, necessary to start the day with a balanced diet with a breakfast packed with the right amounts of protein, carbs, and vitamins to support and repair the body during the hectic day as well as the workouts.

We must plan our meals and look for restaurants that have healthy options. We can go step ahead and look out for a  dietician or nutritionist who can devise a custom meal plan for our special needs of the body taking into consideration our likes and dislikes.

William Ackman, 50 – Founder of Pershing Square Capital Management who Believes being healthy will let him live a long time. He Eats an egg white omelet with spinach and onions and insisting for no cheese, and a bowl of granola with yogurt and strawberries.

Paul Watson