5 Ways to Make Use of Tech as a Senior

 5 Ways to Make Use of Tech as a Senior

The use of technology has spiked among seniors in the 21st century. Seniors, now more than ever, are beginning to embrace new technology. Over 90% of seniors with technology devices use them to stay in touch with family and friends, according to an AARP survey. 

According to the Pew Research Center, 53% of seniors own a smartphone, while nearly 75% own a computer. If you have a smartphone and/or a computer, there are several ways to make use of tech as a senior. 

Stimulate your brain with online games.

Continuous brain activity has been shown to slow cognitive decline in seniors. Exercise your brain by playing online games with friends. For example, back in 2010, Words with Friends was an extremely popular game and can still be played online today. This interactive Scrabble game is a great way to give your brain the juice it needs to fight age-related cognitive decline. 

There are several other online games, too. Your smartphone has an entire library of downloadable games you can play with friends. This is also a great way to make new friends. Most online games have chat features that allow you to converse with your opponent. 

Visit with your doctor via telecommunication.

In this new era of technology, people are able to receive medical advice via telecommunication. Telecommunication involves two-way audio and video chat. You can now have a doctor appointment from the comfort of your couch directly on your smartphone or computer webcam.

In light of the recent pandemic, Medicare has even upped its coverage for telemedicine appointments. This type of doctor visit is available for coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries, regardless of where they live. These visits are covered similarly to how in-person doctor visits are covered. 

Monitor your health with wearable technology. 

In addition to telemedicine, technology has also made it possible to monitor your health from home. Wearable technology is paving the way for seniors to be able to detect changes in their health. From monitoring blood pressure and heart rate to auto-dispensing life-saving medications, wearable technology allows you to live independently longer. You can also utilize wearable technology to exercise more safely.

There are also several smartphone apps that allow you to keep track of your health stats and medications. For example, MediSafe is an app with a built-in medication reminder, so you never forget a dose. Medicare has even created a few apps. iBlueButton, in particular, is excellent for keeping track of your medical records and sharing them with your doctors with just a click of a button.

Further your education.

The internet has what seems like an endless number of videos, blogs, and online courses that allow you to learn something new. Continuous learning, like playing games, is linked to preventing cognitive decline. YouTube, online courses, and blogs are all great places to learn how to do something new. For example, you could learn how to cook a new dish, draw cartoons, sew a patch onto jeans, or even grow an herb garden. The possibilities are endless. 

You could extend an invitation to your grandkids, too. Spend quality time with them by learning something new together. Try Facetiming each other to learn together at a distance. The world’s largest library is also on the internet. You can read almost any book you’ve ever wanted to read. Reading is a great way to stimulate your brain. 

Join an online community. 

You’re never too old to make new friends. Joining an online community helps you do just that. Online communities are a great place to connect with old friends or make new ones. Connect with people who share your interests. For example, if you love crocheting, you’ll likely find several online communities of people interested in that hobby.

Facebook is a great place to find online communities dedicated to specific topics and hobbies. Search the hobby or topic in the Facebook search bar and look under “Groups.” There you’ll find a list of communities you can join.  

There are so many ways to make use of technology as a senior. These are a few of the most beneficial ways seniors are using technology today.

Ruth Hill