A Comprehensive Guide On Video Productions

 A Comprehensive Guide On Video Productions

In today’s world of technological advancements and mobile devices, interacting with many forms of media is one of our favourite activities. We access them with just a mobile phone and a stable network connection. Another feature would be the applications that allow anyone to create an account in just a few minutes. Nowadays, communicating through videos is a popular thing for individuals and businesses. One manifestation would be a TVC production company in Singapore that provides media assistance to clients.

What makes a video popular is its versatility. When you ask someone about the potential uses of videos, it will take time to enumerate each one of them. All joking aside, there are varying purposes for creating such media content – some examples include arts, advertising, and even educational material.

Let us explore various types of videos and the things to prepare when consulting one of the top production houses in Singapore for your needs.


The invention of video productions did not happen overnight, just like the success of an animation company in Singapore. There is a rich history of experimentation and adaptation to current technological trends. It all started from the discovery of creating moving visual elements. Now, anyone can produce videos with high-technology cameras and advanced mobile phones. People can also post them on their respective internet pages or social media accounts.

Another aspect of video production is the purpose behind every moving image. You would encounter advertisements for persuading customers – where a TVC production company in Singaporespecialises. Some even create videos to show what they do on a particular day. Artists also take advantage of this technology to bring their imaginations to life. Whatever the purpose, videos help you get across a message.

Nowadays, anyone can create video productions and watch them on the internet. Here are some examples if you seek to produce one for yourself or the business you are running.



People of all ages love going to movie theatres to watch the latest production or wait for it on their preferred streaming sites. Another would be the beautiful digital creations of an animation company in Singapore. In a nutshell, movies are narratives that typically run from one to three hours. They also come in various genres and styles to cater to different viewers. You would encounter animated cartoons for younger children, biographical movies for history buffs, and even comedic films for people who want a good laugh.

Television Series

In today’s age of quarantines and lockdowns, finishing a television series would be your best bet if you want to skip time. Like movies, they also come in various genres to cater to different interests. The difference is the run time because most television series – as per one of the top production houses in Singapore- have episodes ranging from 30-minutes to an hour. While they come in sets – or what producers call seasons. Lastly, releases of episodes or seasons follow a strict schedule.


I’m sure we were all guilty of hating commercials – especially as young children who loved to watch cartoons. However, they have a purpose, and that is to sell products. They are short videos because people have a short attention span and do not pay attention to detail. Another feature would be the persuasive nature and how unique the narrative is. It is why businesses often consult a TVC production house in Singapore to help them craft compelling and convincing commercials.

Youtube Videos

Producing a movie or shooting a commercial is a serious task that involves many agencies. There are also teams that handle their respective responsibilities. What makes YouTube videos stand out is the accessibility. Anyone can become a creator as long as they have an account, camera, and a concept for a video. There is a plethora of topics and genres – such as health, food, education, politics, and many more. Compared to top production houses in Singapore, YouTube creators are more casual.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is a social media platform that lets users share photographs with their followers or public users. Before, the users were only individuals who socialised with their family and friends, but now some businesses take advantage of this technology. Stories are real-time videos or photos that typically last from a few seconds to 2 minutes. More often than not, these videos are more casual and natural because of their spontaneity. It is a good choice for businesses that want to cut down the costs of approaching a professional TVC production house in Singapore.

TikTok Content

TikTok, a video streaming channel, became popular during the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. People stayed in their homes, so they wanted to pass the time by entertaining others or themselves. Like any other social media channel, individuals and businesses use it. The great thing about TikTok is the short videos. It typically works well for people with a shorter attention span because creators compress the information into a quick video. Clients can even contact an animation company in Singapore if they want high-quality content.



Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring one of the top production houses in Singapore, prepare these things for a successful production. You also need to follow an organised schedule to avoid mixing up things. Here is a list for those who want to tell a story through videos.

  1. Concept or Storyline – A video has a message. Prepare this before creating a production.
  2. Actors – Have people who can effectively tell the message. For animated content, look for actors with voice acting skills.
  3. Equipment – Whether you have a professional camera or a phone, make sure they handle the job. If you are not hiring a TVC production house in Singapore, purchase the necessary equipment.
  4. Editing Software – Always make sure your team has the appropriate editing tool. Video production happens outside the set, so prioritise this aspect.
  5. Platform – Your production should reach its intended audience. Prepare a page or a social media channel for this.

That is how you prepare a compelling production. Contact Zeetrope to explore their services.

Paul Watson