A Guide on the Many Attractive Pizza Deals that Everybody can Afford

 A Guide on the Many Attractive Pizza Deals that Everybody can Afford

Pizzas are ultimate taste buddies that can delight anyone. But, not everyone can afford them frequently whenever feeling like having one. Usually, people order pizzas on special occasions only and cost is the only factor behind this trend. Which is why some pizza houses like the Double Pizza in Montreal came up with different deals and loyalty programs to make pizzas affordable for everyone. In other words, this Montreal based pizza house is one of the very few places that take into consideration the cost factor while making sure that they do not compromise with the taste and quality at all.  

Some of the deals that they offer so that people can buy pizzas whenever they want without really worrying about money are given below. Have a look and decide for yourself. 

  1. The 7 Days Pickup Deal

This is an enthralling deal for takeaway orders. As a part of this deal, Double Pizza gives away one large cheese or pepperoni pizza at just 10.74 dollars and one large all-dressed pizza at just 13.74 dollars. 

So, buy a pizza whenever you crave for one with this affordable deal that’ll keep you coming back for more. 

  1. The C2 Special Deal

This is a Double Pizza online ordering deal that’s just too good to be missed. You can buy all the following items as a part of this combo at just 23.99 dollars. 

  • 2 medium cheese or pepperoni pizzas. 
  • 1 medium packet of fries.
  • A 2L Pepsi bottle. 

Also, you can customize this combo further by adding any more item(s) that you want at additional charges. 

  1. The Game Night Special Deal

This is another very popular online combo deal at Double Pizza that starts at a basic rate of 21.99 dollars, offering any one large pizza, 8 chicken wings with 1 sauce of your choice, and a small packet of fries. 

And, like all the combos they offer, this one is customizable too. 

Now comes the loyalty program that Double Pizza runs for online orders placed from their website. Here’s how it works:

  • You’re awarded with 1 loyalty point for every 5 dollars you spend on their website. 
  • 30 loyalty points make you eligible to buy either one large all-dress pizza free of cost or any 3 toppings you like, again, free of cost.

So, do visit the Double Pizza website for many such amazing deals and discounts that they offer. 

Paul Watson