All Goes Perfect With the Right Spain Wedding

 All Goes Perfect With the Right Spain Wedding

With its great history, gorgeous vistas, friendly people, and distinct culinary culture, Spain might be the ideal location for your wedding. This article will provide you with everything you need to plan your dream wedding in Spain, from legal requirements and documents to estimated costs and recommendations for the most popular venues.

What are the many sorts of weddings that may be held in Spain?

In the country, both civil and religious ceremonies are permitted. Since 2005, gay marriage has been allowed in Spain. Civil ceremony applications must be submitted directly to the Civil Registry or the court in the municipality where the wedding will be held. Civil spain weddings can be held in the town hall or the Civil Registry office. Civil ceremonies are only conducted if one of the couple’s members is a Spanish citizen or if at least one of them has lived in Spain for at least two years.

Weddings performed by Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Protestants are all legally recognized in Spain. A civil ceremony is not required before a religious marriage can be legally consummated. The couple must, however, get a marriage certificate prior to the wedding and have it recorded with the appropriate authorities in order for it to be regarded legitimate. Protestant, Islamic, and Jewish weddings follow the same application process as civil weddings. A justice of the peace must perform these marriages, which must be recorded with the civil authorities.

What legal criteria must you meet in order to marry in Spain?

Both parties must be over the age of 18 and fully aware of their capacities, according to the provisions of the Spanish Civil Code. Both civil and religious weddings are lawful, however to hold a civil ceremony, you must have lived in the nation for at least two years. This indicates that at least one of the couple’s members must have lived in Spain legally for at least two years prior to the wedding day.

What are the requirements for getting married in Spain?

Documents and papers those are required

For a civil ceremony, you must contact the Civil Registry ahead of time and get the paperwork directly from them. You must undoubtedly present the following:

Original birth certificates Original passports of both members of the couple

  • Evidence that both members of the relationship are capable of marrying.
  • This document can be received through your country’s embassy or consulate.

If appropriate, a divorce decree or death certificate

a residence certificate (at least one of the members of the couple must have resided in Spain for at least 2 years, or must be a Spanish citizen, to be able to marry civilly in the country). Obviously you need to take the assistance of wedding planners spain in this case.

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