Arm yourself as soon as possible 

 Arm yourself as soon as possible 


You land in survival mode with none sources that may make your survival difficult mainly considering the fact that crafting guns can take time. For this situation, you may get logs off of a tree through punching it and convert them into wood planks. 

The planks can then later be crafted right into a stick that you may use to thrust back the distinctly smaller enemies and defend yourself in the mean time even as you acquire a higher weapon set.

PVE Tip: Run When You See a Skeleton 

Skeletons are through a ways the maximum risky enemies in PVE you may come across within side the Minecraft server above ground, until you pass exploring the Underworld and catacombs. Skeletons have correct aiming and may kill your individual with simply some hits. Hence, while you see a skeleton coming near you it’s pleasant to run as a ways as you may to continue to exist.

PVP Tip: When to interact in war with different gamers 

As a brand new participant you need to know no longer begin any combat with every other gamers even as they’re complete health. The pleasant manner is to attempt to make buddies that will help you outlast and handiest kill people who are low HP or that don’t have any guns equipped. Stay secure; run while you discover yourself observed through an enemy, he’s going to surrender chasing you.

Observe different gamers and Look Out 

To live secure from enemies, continually maintain an eye to your environment. By watching your environment cautiously and carefully you may be careful for the enemies which could technique you from any direction. Another beneficial tip is that some monsters within side the Minecraft Survival Servers create sounds that you may pay attention for to understand an enemy is close by which includes the Creeper’s that produce a hissing sound on every occasion they’re near you.

Get within side the Water 

If an enemy is strolling after you, you may continually soar within side the water. Monster is that roam within side the land can both now no longer pass the waters or it may sluggish down their motion in the end saving you from the chance

Although, its miles pleasant to live within side the shallow waters and keep away from the deeper areas considering the fact that the ones can harbor greater risky creatures ready to seize at you.

Danny White