BBQs 2U Adds Kamado Joe Kettle Joe to Their Impressive Product Line-Up

 BBQs 2U Adds Kamado Joe Kettle Joe to Their Impressive Product Line-Up

When it is your first time looking for a barbeque unit, you will make the mistake of choosing the wrong one because you will not have the right guidance to choose the right one for you. The best and the most preferred option by the first-timers to the world of barbeque and grilling is Kamado Joe Grills and BBQs.

Kamado Joe BBQ is a barbeque and grill unit that is effective and also more efficient than the other options that are available in the market today. Marketed by BBQs 2U one of the top BBQ sellers in the US, this ceramic-coated cooker can offer smoky and heat flavoured food items such as meats, vegetables, cheese, fruits, and so on.

When compared to the other available grills in the market, Kamado Joe can retain heat in its cooker for longer hours. Once you are done with pre-heating the unit, you can then proceed with the further steps of cooking such as grilling the food at low temperature or high temperature as per your requirement. With the constant retaining of heat in it, this unit can work for longer hours.

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe is one of the hottest and newest additions to the world of Kamado Joe Classic BBQ units. This kettle grill takes pride in having all kinds of benefits such as improved heat retention, smoking, and fuel efficiency ability. Hence, it has become more or less like a hot cake in the world of BBQ lovers.

The breaking down of this Kamado Joe unit gives a premium cart, revolutionary SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber ideal for the low and also the slow cooks, side tables, and so on. Every time you cook something low and slow in it, you can experience the blast of flavour of the cooked food inside your mouth.

This unit is designed with a Kamado Joe Kettle, ceramic firebox, metal side shelves, four-legged cart, compatible iKamand accessories, and so on. You can cook the food low and slow for up to 500 degrees C in this unit. The addition of cyclonic airflow technology has made it possible for the users to control both the smoke and heat inside it.

Further information about Kamado Joe BBQ unit includes – 

  • The cooking surface of about 55cm diameter and 2342cm sq.
  • Patented hyperbolic ring with easily removable technology for the maintenance of the required heat inside the unit.
  • Easy to open and close the hinged lid
  • Ceramic firebox for durability and heat retention
  • Folding shelves for offering large working and also the storage area
  • Ash drawer for quick and easy clean-up.
  • Galvanized steel rolling cart with easy locking wheels
  • Side shelves and handles made with aluminium.
  • Built-in thermometer

The best part of purchasing BBQs 2U’s product from their official webpage is that they will revert to you with the answers to all of your questions and queries related to their products. You can even follow their Facebook page to keep yourself updated about what is happening in the world of BBQs 2U.

Paul Petersen