Beginner’s Guide for Short-Term Trading in Cryptocurrency

 Beginner’s Guide for Short-Term Trading in Cryptocurrency

Over the years, financial trading has become a lucrative opportunity for investors across the world. Even some beginners in the industry are making efforts to gain financial independence through trading. A thoughtful journey with cryptocurrencies can allow anyone to trade while making great profits in the long run. 

Before you start your investments in the crypto world as a beginner, it is important to understand that trading is not a consistent way of making money online. Even some advanced traders end up losing money in this market. Therefore, we have designed this beginner-friendly guide to educate all those who are looking forward to some short-term trading and profit-making opportunities in cryptocurrencies. 

Key elements to crypto trading

Crypto trading is all about buying and selling some digital assets in the form of coins, tokens, and NFTs at a profitable price. Although many people use the terms’ trader and investor alternatively, they are not the same in the crypto industry. An investor is one who builds long-term portfolios and sets goals for every investment. On the other side, a trader focuses on fast returns; but the investments, in this case, must be backed with solid research and working strategy. 

Beginners need to learn three keys of crypto trading that are listed below:

  • Fundamental analysis generally involves grabbing information about a project or company including existing customer base, product vision, revenue scale, quality of team and partnerships, etc. 
  • Technical analysis requires you to focus on the price chart with some reliable indicators that can track historical patterns and predict future possibilities. 
  • Psychological analysis on the other side requires traders to build discipline, patience, and emotional stability to reduce the chances of risk in crypto trading. This is probably the most essential element for your trading journey as a beginner. 

Short-term trading tactics in Cryptocurrency

Once you have developed your skills over these three key elements, the next task is to follow some considerations as suggested by expert traders.

  • The Boom & Bust Cycle

The most popular technique that you can follow in the crypto world for making profits is the boom and bust trend. The idea is that market follows some predictable trends for price fluctuations and if you understand this bull and bear movement, you can control your anger and depression while making investments and decisions for cryptocurrencies. 

In Bitcoin trading, booms & bust cycles indicate repeated rise and fall in price. To understand this, you should first learn the historical market cycles for the coin and then understand the small, medium, and big boom/bust cycles. The best way to succeed is to do lots of studies so that you can develop a confident strategy to make profits. 

  • Avoid emotional trading

Although, it takes time to learn technical and fundamental market analysis the toughest task for most beginners is to manage their emotions while trading. If you are not disciplined with your emotions, you may make some impulse decisions that can lead to considerable losses in the long run. 

Learn to develop discipline for analyzing market conditions as well as for building an investment strategy. Do not become a prey to social media rumors and false news circulations. 

  • Pump & Dump Scheme

Several times, unscrupulous people try to make profits from excitement and greed by influencing some beginners in the industry to make an investment in a certain cryptocurrency that doesn’t have sufficient trading volume. This sometimes leads to a surge in the price of the token and then scammers will start selling their own tokens to gain profits. 

Slowly, the market returns to its normal position and new investors lose all their invested money. This is known as the pump & dump scheme and it can affect short-term traders by a considerable level. In order to avoid these schemes, one should be always careful about the trading volume of the respective coin. It is good to avoid the fear of missing out; rather do enough research on target cryptocurrency so that you can make the best use of the available opportunities. 

These simple tips and tricks may help beginners in the trading world to make considerable profits. You can start buying your coins now from platform to grow as a professional trader over time. 


Paul Petersen