Bespoke Mykonos Concierge Experience

 Bespoke Mykonos Concierge Experience

Agia Sofia, Pouli, Kalo Livedi, Tourlos are dream destinations. These heavenly places are the ones that are popular with celebrities and wealthy people. It is not uncommon to find a movie star shopping there in these cities. With summer returning, now is the time to take a well-deserved vacation to one of these cities. Why not opt ​​for the rental of high-end accommodation for Mykonos?

High-end rental: a particular sector

The rental properties are undoubtedly the area which does not know the crisis. And the luxury branch of this sector clearly proves it. Every year, the winter and summer resorts are always full. While some prefer hotels, others will choose the comfort and tranquility of an apartment. The The Ace VIP is perfect in this matter.

In fact, if you want to relax with all possible amenities, then you have to turn to high quality service. This is what high-end rental offers. Large spaces, ultramodern bathrooms, private concierge are the services that are available to you in the high-end rental.

This micro-market finds its target among wealthy clients who wish to live for a long time in beautiful apartments. If you are part of this segment of the clientele, a high-end rental meets your needs. To find the apartment of your dream, you have to adopt our advice.

Define your needs

It is advisable not to get into the impulse rental of a luxury apartment like The Ace VIP. It is important to establish your needs beforehand. A luxury apartment is fine, but it’s even better when it suits your needs.

These needs serve as a starting point for you to define the budget and especially the type of high-end rental needed. For short-term satisfaction needs, a luxury apartment, chalet, loft or villa might be right for you. On the other hand, for a long stay, it is preferable to choose a manor, a farm, a high-end private mansion.

These aforementioned needs are considered basic. These are basic needs that guide you in choosing your high-end rental. However, there are some essential questions that you should not avoid. These are questions that any future tenant should ask themselves before booking a luxury property.

What is the condition of the property? 

Although this is a high-end rental, it is crucial to inquire about the constitution of the property subject to the rental. This is the opportunity during the visit to assess whether the property in question has all the amenities to satisfy you;

What is the cost of the rent? 

This is an inescapable question that you will have to ask the lessor. Regardless of your income, the question of the lease price is important and makes it possible to conclude or not a lease contract;

How much are the charges and the housing tax? 

Luxury homes are subject to the payment of charges and taxes. In this unusual sector, the payment of electricity, water and taxes can be particularly high. It is useful to inquire about the approximate amount of these charges.

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