Can I Grow Strawberries on My Balcony?

 Can I Grow Strawberries on My Balcony?

When you love the taste of strawberries, but only have a balcony to grow plants on, there is no need to worry. Strawberry plants are just as much home on a balcony as they are ground level.

Most of the strawberries that you buy in the supermarket, have not been grown in soil. Thanks to new innovations and growing techniques, the majority of the strawberries we buy today are grown hydroponically.

Can you grow strawberries hydroponically on your balcony? You can do, but to be honest with you, it is not easy to do. When you want to grow your own strawberries on your balcony, it is best to grow them in a pot or other container.

Vertical Gardening In Towns And Cities

Something that is becoming very popular in towns and cities, is vertical gardening. A whole industry has sprung up around gardening up instead of down so to speak.

You can buy planters and growing systems that are easy to attach to your wall. Not all plants like them, but it would seem that strawberries do. You can even say that strawberries thrive when they are grown in this way.

Is Difficult To Grow Strawberries Plant On A Balcony?

It is important that when you search for strawberries plants for sale, you do it from a quality producer. Top UK producers of strawberry plants, often produce a range of different kinds of strawberries.

Before you go ahead and order, make sure that you are familiar with the different varieties on offer. If you are not sure, give the producer a call or contact them by email.

Are Strawberry Plants Perennial?

Yes, strawberry plants are perennial. When you overwinter strawberries, there are different techniques that you can use. You can bring them inside or overwinter on your balcony covered in straw. Once again, it is a good idea to ask the producer. They will be able to give you specific advice relating to your variety of strawberry.

What Are The Benefits of Growing My Own Strawberries?

Growing our own food on our balconies has many unexpected benefits. Naturally fresh food is very good for you.

Strawberry plants also flower and that is great for flying pollinators such as bees and other airborne critters.

Pollinating insects love to feed on the flowers that we have on our balconies. In cities and towns, flowering plants are a great source of nectar.

Growing strawberries on your balcony is a great idea. It will benefit you and your local natural environment.

Danny White