Can We Gift Flowers to Men? What Color Is Recommended?

 Can We Gift Flowers to Men? What Color Is Recommended?

Unlike gifts for women, ordering a bouquet through online flower delivery for your special guy seems strange and unordinary. Perhaps, the traditions have taught that flowers are always associated with ladies. However, now everything has changed and it becomes an ordinary thing.

So, when people are asking is it okay to deliver a bunch of blossoms to a man? Of course. It’s time to show your affection to men in your life, to your lover, father, brother, or others. It is not an unmanly and girly thing to do, men actually enjoy getting a surprise as women do.

Moreover, it is an ordinary thing due to equality and feminism these days. All are equal, when it is acceptable to give bouquets to women, it also applies to men. However, finding the best match for their taste may need some considerations.

Types, Colors, and Arrangements

Any kind of flower is bound to touch everyone, even for alpha men. You can pick the best bouquet to represent his character immediately via flower delivery Singapore. If women like girly things, it will be different to make a perfect gift for your man.

Mostly, men are not interested in pastel colors and complicated arrangements. Generally, they like simple but elegant visuals. Thus, rather than giving pastel colors and complex arrangements, just pick the most masculine vibe with a monochromatic palette instead.

The safest choice can be dendrobium orchid or robust sunflower bouquets in purple or white color. It looks elegant and not too cheesy, but still warm. Besides, some men may prefer tropical flowers that represent their personality and strength.

  1. Daisies – loyalty
  2. Bamboo – good luck
  3. Alstroemeria – devotion
  4. Chrysanthemums – friendship
  5. Red roses – passionate love
  6. Yellow roses – joy and friendship

They are definitely easy to find among flower delivery services. If these options seem too ordinary, you can put a personal touch to make it different. Adjust it by considering his personality, hobby, or favorite things.

Occasions to Send A Flower to Men

Instead of other gifts, a bunch of blooms can be suitable for any occasion, it is also an inexpensive way to express your emotion towards him. Besides, it is so easy just to call any flower delivery Singapore service and let them do the job. You just need to pick, purchase, and pay the amount.

Generally, there is no specific time which is perfect to give a bouquet to a man. You borrow it at any occasion for whatever men in your life for expressing gratitude, celebrating their achievement, apologizing, and so on. For instance;

  1. Red rose for love

Like women, men also need to feel needed and loved. As the classiest sign of love, a roses bouquet will be perfect to show your intention towards your husband or boyfriend. You can also use it to celebrate the anniversary.

  1. Pink rose for admiration and affection

This type of bloom is literally suitable for whoever you love to give affection. It can be your lover or family member (father or brother). If it is too embarrassing to show your affection towards words, giving them a bunch of pink roses will share your affection and admiration.

  1. Yellow rose or lily for joy and friendship

Yellow will always be correlated with joy, no doubt. In terms of giving a man with this type of color, it can signify friendship. Either yellow rose or lily, they will be the perfect gift to your best friend or coworker. It also means positivity, so you can congratulate them for events like;

  1. Graduations
  2. Getting promotions
  3. Sporting victories

Along with these occasions, giving a man a white flower is the best to say sorry. Alternatively, you can hand them bouquets when they’re in a rough time, to show your support and sympathy. Even when the distance is quite far, just look for a suitable bouquet through flower delivery Singapore service anytime, anywhere. Check them out if you are looking for online flower delivery in Singapore.

Ruth Hill